Seattle’s Hempfest Celebrates Its 21st Birthday

Seattle's Hempfest Celebrates Its 21st Birthday

As Washington’s Hempfest begins today, they are faced with a couple of different choices. From its earliest beginnings as a humble gathering for pot smokers, it has flowered into the dankest, chronic event on the North American continent. A crowd of approximately 300,000 pro-marijuana people are anticipated to gather at Seattle’s, Myrtle Edwards Park, beginning today and going through Sunday, as Washington’s premier pot event turns the ripe old age of 21.

In accordance with initiative 502, a Washington state ballot initiative which is up for vote this November, that would legalize, tax and regulate the cultivation and distribution of marijuana for those over the age 21, in the great state of Washington… the theme this year will be “safer than alcohol.”

As Washington gears up for this historic vote that would give its citizens the option to use medical marijuana for their benefit, while at the same time demonstrating to the feds, Washington’s firm belief in their 10th amendment rights. The primary challenge that Hempfest is currently facing, is the scaling back of the stoner persona.

Many of the states pro-marijuana organizations would like to see Hempfest go mainstream which would mean for many a changing of the guard. Gone are the days of old, no more baseball bat sized blunts, out with the old hippie uniform of tie-dye and bellbottoms.

From the viewpoint of many of these organizations, in order for I – 502 to stand chance to pass this coming November, marijuana must be viewed as a whole. Marijuana must be seen as a lifestyle choice of peace and holistic medicine, juxtaposed to the absolute abysmal failure of the federal government’s war on drugs; incarceration of innocence… and the absolute waste of our hard-earned tax dollars.

As this nondescript waterfront Park braces for today’s onslaught of pro-pot people, the overall vibe is mellow and ready for a day of celebration. There are only a few rules for this alt lifestyle event: no guns knives or any other form of weapons. No alcoholic beverages of any sort. Absolutely no hard drugs of any type… and if you could please leave your pets at home it would be greatly appreciated.