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secret weed grow

Secret weed grow

“There is a sense of adventure involved in doing this,” Damo says. “But the main motivation is a big fuck you to prohibition: to those who uphold it, and those who benefit from it. 

Cannabis Farms Targeted by Police During Lockdown Crime Lull

They first got involved via the online guerrilla growing scene, where members share tips, grow diaries and “my plant’s bigger than your plant” photos of their crops. Damo says there are between 1,000 and 3,000 active guerrilla growers in Britain. 

Austerity Has Opened the British High Street Up to Drug Gangs' Weed Farms

Damo and Neil both have day jobs. Damo works in an office and Neil is a mechanic. But for the last eight years they’ve been cultivating large amounts of cannabis, hidden in plain sight, next to some of the busiest motorways in England.

Secret weed grow

In the U.S., many states have their own laws on how marijuana is treated. Some states will send marijuana users to jail for years, some will give them counseling, others will just give a fine, and some do nothing at all.

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There are benefits to both of these growing methods, but when it comes purely to stealth, indoor growing is the way to go. Indoors, you can completely control smell and sound, plus your plants are out of view. Outdoor growing has one potentially major problem that indoor growers are pretty much safe against… people wandering by. This is especially problematic when the plants are being grown on your property. Many outdoor growers have been busted by nosy neighbors, city/utility workers, or just bad weather (floods have revealed hidden outdoor grows, for example). If you can grow indoors, you’ll make yourself that much harder to find.


Technology and the way we communicate changes so rapidly these days, that many of us aren’t aware that we now do things that give away a lot of information about what we do. You don’t need to be a computer wizard, but these terms will definitely help you maintain your privacy in the digital age:

Low Odor Marijuana Strains – Strains known for producing low/non-marijuana-like odor:


This is a lot of information, and it still only barely scratches the surface of what it takes to grow stealthily. Over time there will be more pitfalls to watch out for, but growing your own cannabis has actually gotten easier and safer over time.

Important Note: Odor neutralizers with perfumes should not share the same air as your plants, meaning they shouldn’t be placed in your tent with your cannabis or the perfume smell might get onto your buds. Check out this PSA for more info.

Secret weed grow

Of course, these plants (of which there were just eleven, and apparently “very small”) were none other than our best friend, the insidious devil weed! It is not known whether a student in the Advanced Botany Class that meets there each week was responsible; to their credit, police did not appear too interested in pursuing any leads.

Burying grow ops in underground trailers is not exactly unheard-of, but what makes this case special is the wonderful creativity of the guys running the show.

Following a tip-off from the electric company that the local grid was experiencing a mysterious drain on energy, police raided a typical A-frame style family house and discovered a passageway leading down to a 75-metre natural cave, which had been expertly modified to house up to 1,000 cannabis plants measuring up to 1.8 metres in height!

There have been at least two cases of hidden illegal cannabis grows discovered at sewage treatment plants in the UK.

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These guys apparently mistook the saying “grow big or go home” for “grow big in huge homes” when they opted to repurpose a Grade-II listed mansion in Cumbria, northern England into a grow operation estimated by local police to be worth €7.1 million.

In 2008, police were called to the Matthaei Botanical Garden at the University of Michigan for what might possibly be the most ridiculous reason in the entire history of police call-outs: plants were found growing in a botanical garden.

In August 2015, cannabis plants were discovered at a remote site in Hampshire after a man was intercepted and challenged by staff while on the way to tend to his crop; then, in September this year, a crop of 80 cannabis plants measuring up to 1.5 metres in height was discovered at a Wiltshire sewage works.

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The TN Pot Cave is actually preparing to open back up and conduct tours. It’s obviously no longer growing marijuana; but people can come experience the effort that went into building the operation. The entrance is a 2,000 pound bank vault door!

In a bid to produce some truly holy smoke, as-yet-unidentified personages were reported to have repurposed a small community church in Escazú, Costa Rica as a grow room containing 226 plants and 8kg of dried cannabis.