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security for outdoor cannabis grow

Security for outdoor cannabis grow

The downside is that cameras systems alone don’t necessarily stop the damage before it is done. If the plants are destroyed, they cannot be instantly replaced, regardless of the perpetrator being apprehended or not. This is where an audible alert system can come in handy. Audible alarm systems can be used as stand-alone systems or in conjunction with a security camera system. When there is a breech, an ear-splitting alarm is sounded. A would-be thief is usually quickly deterred when there is a siren screaming from the premise.

​It is extremely important for cannabis growers to protect their gardens by implementing security measures. Cameras, audible alarms, canines and secrecy are all security measures that can aid in the protection of your cherished plants.

Professional Security Systems

Apart from the countless lives that have been negatively affected, the United States’ failed war on drugs has created a distorted black market pricing structure for illegal substances. Although we are slowly seeing a shift in the way government and law enforcement view cannabis, the fact is that cannabis is still severely overvalued due to its illegal status in most states.

Although not as commonly used as personal systems, a professional security system can be an effective way to deter thieves.

Personal Security Cameras and Audible Alarms

Man’s best friend is surely worth mentioning when it comes to garden security. Most robbers will think twice before messing with Cujo. Guard dogs, especially ones trained for that purpose, can go a long way in garden security. Many professional cannabis growers have dog runs set up around the perimeter of the garden so that a thief would have to attempt to cross a moat of highly trained mutts. In most cases, just the sight of a big, snarly beast will send a burglar running with his tail between his legs.

Security for outdoor cannabis grow

The plug and deploy system comes complete with a three-layer false alarm filtration protocol, which filters out longer frequencies, such as weather-related movement. With no training or special tools required, you can be up and running in no time.

The IRONCLAD Fence Alarm System is compatible with a wide range of other security protocols such as DVR, NVR, and SCADA systems. You can protect fences of up to ten feet (three meters) with just one cable, which is more than enough for most commercial cannabis facilities.

As mentioned, regardless of the cannabis laws relating to the specific location of your cannabis production facility, you’re still growing a valuable commodity.

Fence Alarm Systems Provide an Inconspicuous Security Solution

This is especially true when you factor in that fence breaches can take place in near silence, and criminals can steal plants close to the fence line, dodging the purview of security cameras.

The IRONCLAD Fence Alarm System developed by RBtec has been designed to stop intruders looking to make off with valuable commodities such as cannabis plants in their tracks. This discreet security system works by running a sensor cable through existing perimeter fences, capable of detecting cutting, lifting, and attempted scaling.

If you own a commercial cannabis growing facility or marijuana manufacturing, that makes you a target. With that in mind, you need to make security one of your top priorities to ensure you don’t wake up to see that many of your crops, and therefore profits, have vanished overnight.

Why the Security Threat Level is So High for Licensed Cannabis Production Facility

Your perimeter fence is your first line of defense, but it only takes a few simple tools for a thief to burst through. Furthermore, since employees are often at fault for cannabis theft, you need to implement a security measure that’s far less obvious than security cameras with potentially well-known blind spots.

Your crops will likely be fenced off to ward off intruders trying to rob plants. However, fences can be both scaled and cut. When your first line of defense fails, you as the business owner need to know immediately to prevent thieves from running off into the night with hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars’ worth of cannabis plants.

Security for outdoor cannabis grow

Thankfully, there are a growing number of online resources to help business owners achieve the cannabis security solutions needed for success. Start here with these tips for securing your grow operation from planning stages to product sales.

7 Cannabis Security Tips

Issue of a policy will depend on whether your cannabis company meets prior requirements. These typically include:

3. Get Marijuana Growers’ Insurance

To fully protect your assets and be prepared in case of loss, you’ll need to invest in marijuana growers’ insurance.