Seedsman Review

Seedsman Review

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For those who grow cannabis in their home, if you are looking for the best seeds to ensure the growth you are looking to get, find the best growth in your garden, and sprout up the best plants that you want, you are going to want to find the right seeds to buy, which will grow best in your indoor garden setting. Of course havaing the right growth settings, the best conditions, the right nutrients, air flow, artificial and natural lighting, and all other aspects to consider when growing an indoor garden have to be taken in to consideration; but, if you want the best growth you also have to ensure you are buying the best seeds that are available to you. So, if you want to ensure you find the very best seeds, you have to know where to look for them, know where to find the best prices on them, and where to find the deals on the best seeds that are going to grow in the conditions you have set up for your indoor garden area.

So, whether you grow as a hobby, or grow for medical reasons, you are going to want to ensure you get the best buds, and the biggest buds when you grow in your home garden. For this reason, referencing the right sites, to find out which seeds are going to give you the biggest buds, in order to ensure you get the best growth. So, turning to the site, you are going to find the best information on seeds, which seeds are going to grow best, where to grow and how to grow these seeds in order to get optimal growth, and which seeds you are going to want to purchase for the settings you have set up for growth in your home. The great thing with this site is that it references over one hundred different seeds, offering the information about the seeds, and offering the grower information on how to grow the seeds, and how to get the best buds when you are growing that particular seed. So, rather than just take a chance, and hope to get a good seed, the site is going to reference which seeds you are going to want to consider growing, in the home set up you have for your garden at home.


  • The site makes reference to seeds in alphabetical order
  • It gives you a site on where you can find more information on the seeds
  • Offers a brief description on each seed you are reading about
  • Potential keyword search
  • Growing tips and ideas


  • Seed descriptions are very brief
  • You do have to go to additional sites to find the right information for growing certain seeds in order to get the type of buds you want
  • Lacking information many seeds
  • Site layout is very cluttered

Overall, is a great site, with a few missing key points for a few seeds you may be considering growing in your home. So, although you are going to find information on over one hundred seeds, and find out how to properly grow them, you are going to have to reference additional sites if you want to get the full detailed information on the optimal growing conditions. So, in short, for a basic reference point, the site is excellent at offering seed names, and basic information about these seeds you are looking to grow. But, for those who want a full and comprehensive list of what to do when growing the particular seeds in your home based garden, you are going to want to reference the site offered, as well as a few other sites to get growing tips and advice, in order to get the best results when you are going to start a home garden.

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