Seedstockers Review

Seedstockers Review

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Seed Stockers offer high quality cannabis seeds for very attractive prices. We have over 30 years of expeirence in the Cannabis seed bussiness, a great network of contacts and a passion for quality cannabis genetics. We buy cannabis seeds in bulk direct from the best breeders in Holland and Spain and pass the savings on to you. We keep our costs low which helps us to offer the best seed prices in the market.

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  1. The mixture of Diavolo with AK47 Auto, shows a fresh generation of automatic plants, larger along with higher productiveness than the earlier versions. Plant may well reach from 70 cm to around 120 cm and makes elongated branches stuffed with long, lustrous buds enveloped with resin glands. Its perfume consists of typical Afghan nuances. It may well stun you by the latest generation of auto flowering which may fill your soul with joy every 90 days!

  2. Samsara Seeds El Alquimista Feminized is the easiest to collect in seed form. El Alquimista comes from the breed of AK47, the shortest flowering-time Sativa, and exceptional and essential Northern Lights that changed the culture in the cannabis world in the last three decades.

  3. Brazil Amazonia comes from the Amazon rainforest. It is very vigorous and leafy, grows wild in the jungle, and is used by natives as a medicine for alleviating the pain of women during childbirth. It is a powerfull and narcotic variety, has a bittersweet taste, and produces great buds that bend the trunks due to their weight.