Sensi Seeds Review

Sensi Seeds Review

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For over 5000 years, humans have cultivated the cannabis plant, recognising the amazing range of benefits that it can provide. Today, sweeping changes in the legislation regulating its use in countries and states around the world are making it easier than ever to grow it for yourself. Yet anyone involved in the cultivation of marijuana will be aware that it requires an investment of time and energy, which means that growers should obtain the highest quality of weed seeds possible, in order to enjoy the full potency of this incredible plant, whether for medicinal or recreational use. is the online store for Sensi Seeds, an established seed bank based in the Netherlands that for many years has been providing award-winning marijuana seeds to growers. The company’s ethos is to enable individuals to grow reliably high-quality cannabis by providing them with superior seeds from a variety of phenotypes. For the medicinal growing of cannabis, sensi seeds are an optimal choice for those who wish to receive maximal health benefits from the plant. Selected by the Bureau of Medicinal Cannabis in the Netherlands, it is this highly regarded strain that is distributed to Dutch pharmacies, making it the international premium grade of cannabis seeds.

If you are starting out in cannabis growing for the first time, is a particularly beginner-friendly seed bank, offering a comprehensive range of seeds for those who are inexperienced in the cultivation process. In partnership with the White Label Seed Company, the beginners range of seeds have been carefully selected for vigorous growth, adaptability and toughness, to ensure that your first crop is high-yield and highly potent. Furthermore, the company’s feminized seeds represent the most innovative advances in cannabis cultivation, guaranteeing a potent crop every time, even in changing or harsh growth conditions.

More experienced cultivators will appreciate the outstanding quality and range of seeds available. The company sets itself apart from the competition in offering carefully formulated hybrid strains of Indica and Sativa in varying ratios, enabling you to select a plant which precisely meets your needs. So what are the pros and cons of using as your seed bank?


  • Well-established company with a history of excellent quality seed distribution
  • High quality of seeds available, whether for recreational or medicinal use
  • Discreet shipping: seeds are carefully packaged and delivered in complete confidentiality
  • Plenty of choice available, whether you are a beginner gardener or an experienced cultivator
  • Exceptional customer service, sensitive to the individual needs of every grower


  • Legal restrictions limit the countries to which seeds can be shipped to internationally
  • Shipping times may be longer because of the company’s careful delivery process
  • More expensive than other seed banks; however, the quality of seeds is excellent and consistent

The company’s long history of cultivating and breeding specialist strains of cannabis, as well as its carefully controlled storage and packing conditions, means that thousands of growers have found satisfaction in purchasing from Its seeds represent excellent value for money – their prices are some of the best around for premium-grade marijuana seeds – and their shopping experience is second to none. What’s more, this reliable, responsible seed bank will help you through every stage of the cultivation process.

3 thoughts on “Sensi Seeds Review”

  1. Dense sugary buds with a juicy taste and smell. Speedy creative and free. Easy Rider is a variety that gives a high as opposed to a wrecked feeling.

  2. Selected for its incredible psychedelic powerand its indisputable Haze smell. It’s the variety of our strongest bank. Patient is required to grow this plant, but reward arrives at 4 months. It features a challenging cultivation and is not suitable for amateur growers, it could only be efficient in S.C.R.O.G. or cultivated crops very far height fastened with tutors. Get pleasure from this flower, having become grown in perfect conditions, could be among the very best pleasures for just about any cannabicultor. Extremely energizing its power and its powerful taste haze is the best gift for the palette, enjoy the 2046!

  3. This bushy, short light green strain is a mix of God Bud and Dutch Treat and delivers lots of crystals. The buds really are a tad loose yet really large and football shaped. It features a floral candy flavor and smell. The buzz is definitely indica, long lasting and uplifting.