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sherbet cake seeds

Sherbet Cake has its roots in California. Elev8 took T-Fly Genetics’ 2 Scoops cut and crossed it with Wedding Cake. 2 Scoops is the product of an Orange Sherbet and Grape Sherbet cross and is a highly-prized cultivar, from the famous Emerald Triangle region of northern California, known for its deafening terpene profile, extreme resin production and over-the-top potency. Wedding Cake has also become an extremely popular strain in the last couple of years and adds some cookies/fuel notes to the mix.

Sherbet Cake is an indica/sativa hybrid that takes 8 – 9 weeks to complete the flowering phase indoors. Although yields fall only in the average range, THC production is high and there is also a decent amount of CBD to add to the relaxing qualities of this strain.

Sherbet cake seeds

Sherbet Cake is a plant easy to cultivate with good vigour both indoors and outdoors. It adapts well to most cultivation techniques as well as SOG, SCROG, Topping, Meanlining, etc.

On the other hand Wedding Cake, a cross between Triangle Mints x Animal Mints, also known as Triangle Mints#23.

Sherbet Cake cannabis strain: 2Scoops x Wedding Cake

Outdoors and in favourable cultivation conditions the plant can reach a good size. At a nutritional level a balanced intake is sufficient. By providing extra phosphorus and potassium during flowering with the use of organic fertilisers, we can enhance flavours and aromas that contain a Wedding cake base with gas notes that provide a very special touch.

Indoors, you can expect compact, resinous, delicious buds with a strong aroma power, thus the use of anti-odour systems is recommended to go unnoticed or prevent the whole house from smelling like a citric cocktail. It offer a medium-high harvest with a yield of up to 400-500g per m2 in 8-9 weeks of flowering.

Sherbet Cake d’Elev8 Seeds: a powerfull citric cocktail

It responds well to pruning and tying, which makes it a good choice for SCROG cultivation where the topping technique can be used to create a ramified development in order to produce long buds filled with resin.

Sherbet cake seeds

The Best Ice Cream Cake Feminized Seeds in 2022:

Ice Cream Cake Seeds – Strain ID:

If you grow Ice Cream Cake seeds indoors, you may yield between 500-600 g/m2. Once you take Ice Cream Cake outdoors, each plant may yield up to 550-grams.

Now, open your eyes.

Negative Effects of Ice Cream Cake Weed

The limonene adds layers of lemon meringue, while the caryophyllene and linalool provide hints of spice and aromatic jasmine.

Believe us when we say that weed that looks this good is normally challenging to grow. Luckily, Feminized Ice Cream Cake was bred to offer growers of all skill levels a chance at producing top-shelf weed at home.

Now, let’s get to the juicy details about the Ice Cream Cake strain.

Growing Feminized Ice Cream Cake Seeds

The Ice Cream Cake strain offers moderate resistance to pests and diseases.

Seed Junky Genetics bred Ice Cream Cake seeds in California — so it’s safe to say that the indica-dominant beauty prefers bright sunshine, low-ish humidity, and warm weather.