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short and sweet seeds

Short and sweet seeds

Short & Sweet Auto by Heavyweight Seeds is a result of an intense combination between potent AK49 strains, a White Widow and a Ruderalis.

Short & Sweet Auto Cannabis Strain Information

Short & Sweet Auto by HeavyWeight Seeds is a combination between two legendary cannabis strains; AK49 X White Widow and a Ruderalis to give it automatic flowering genes. It’s sativa-dominant, coming in at 60-40%. It does well both indoors and outdoors; it’s easy to grow.

Short & Sweet Auto Indoor Growing

Indoors its buds grow hard as rock and they have a strong, robust structure that doesn’t need to be trained in order to hold its flowers up. We recommend using 11L flowerpots in order to grow larger and healthier roots – Root Pruning Pots flowerpots are a great choice for this plant.

Short & Sweet Auto is a devastating cross of AK-49 and White Widow that will impress even the most experienced smokers. This is one very smelly, spicy plant that will definitely require ventilation/filtering if grown indoors.

It produces rock-hard buds that gleam with sparkling white THC crystals. This marijuana strain is exceptionally easy to grow even for the complete novice finishing between 55 and 65 days from germination. Heavyweight Seeds recommend planting the little seedlings directly into their finishing pots to minimise transplant shock and stress thereby maximising yields. As the name suggests this plant remains quite short and compact reaching a height between 70cm – 100cm and yielding between 500gr – 700gr/m2.