Short Stuff Review

Short Stuff Review

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ShortStuff seedbank is the coming together of a like minded group of seed breeders and growing enthusiasts who have been working with autoflowering seeds for the last 3 years. Our breeders have produced a range of autoflowering seeds which match the offerings of the bigger seedbanks but at much lower prices.We have a core range of regular and feminised seeds and will be periodically adding new strains to our catalogue which will be available through a network of authorised dealers.

3 thoughts on “Short Stuff Review”

  1. The pre-98 Bubba Kush legendary for its firm kush nugs that stink of earthy/coffee tastiness. The G-13/HP opened up Bubba’s structure fairly and branches out beautifully. The finished product possesses a hashy/earthy smoke, quite strong and soothing body stone. Excellent for fibromyalgia , arthritis as well as any other muscle related problems.

  2. White Widow Female Seeds by Royal Queen Seeds a leading Amsterdam based Marijuana Seedbank. The infamous white widow is a legend, Royal Queen Seeds have created this feminized marijuana strain from the original white widow. As with all their female seeds these are organic and come from organically grown parents.

  3. Designed for the guerrilla grower, this strain was initially stabilized outdoors in New Zealand. She’s turn out to be something of a fable to the locals within the far-north, where a typical plant in an excellent season could top the scales at in excess of 1kg of bud! Add to this greater than gratifying yield, vigorous development, great mold resistance, along with a great sativa flavor plus you’ve got the ultimate outdoor cropper, that with a little twisting and stretching will perform as well or even better indoors. More time in the flowering department, but lustrous THC crystal formation and a fruity aroma that are incredible, help make this plant a success in all fields. Smooth sativa smoke along with the classic soaring high that will leave one without words are the results.