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should i grow my own weed

Should i grow my own weed

Q:Isn’t hemp a type of marijuana? Can that be grown in a house?

Q: Can THC be topically absorbed? Could people who grow fail a drug test if they touch their plants?

Indica-dominant hybrids are good for growing indoors, because they only get 2 to 3 feet tall from the top of the pot, with a diameter of 12 to 18 inches.

An overview of the basics

Q:Then what?

Sounds simple. But growing marijuana isn’t easy, those who do it professionally say.

Dan Ericson trims the "sugar leaves" — the single leaves close to the bud — off a pot plant, readying it for the drying process. Then he'll hang the plant upside down for a week to dry.

Should i grow my own weed

Indoor cannabis plants need a home, whether it’s a bedroom, bathroom, basement, or closet. At the very least, you should have access to water and your plants need fresh air. Learn more about what to consider when choosing a place to grow in your home. I’ve seen growers get really creative!

You found seeds, are they good to grow? Viable cannabis seeds appear either tan or brown with dark tiger stripes. The dark tiger stripes are a good sign because they indicate the seeds are fully mature and haven’t been handled a lot.

3.) Have a place to grow

Would you like to grow your own cannabis? One of the most common questions we get from new growers is whether they should or shouldn’t start growing. The truth is that the process of growing marijuana has pluses and minuses and the answer is different for everyone. For some people, growing is a productive and enjoyable hobby that provides an unlimited supply of cheap, high-quality weed. For others, growing may be too time-consuming or involved. Plus, if you only enjoy weed occasionally, the process of growing may produce more buds than you could use.

I eventually switched to a grow tent. These can still be kept in a closet but give a much better plant environment that’s waterproof, reflective, easy to clean, and helps control heat/smells. They also reduce the chance of dust, hair, and bugs getting on your plants.

2.) Have access to cannabis plants or seeds

The total amount of time needed is heavily dependent on the strain/genetics. Some strains might need longer than 4 months, while auto-flowering strains are usually ready to harvest around 3 months from germination.