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six shooter seeds

Six shooter seeds


Six Shooter comes from combining Mexican Airlines, Lowrider and others together creating this powerful heavy hitter. With THC levels around 21% this shit will get you lit! Indoor growers love the results they see when 500 – 750 grams per square meter come from these trees. Of course this is when they use a sea of green method. Outdoor growers see an average of 100 to 300 grams or more per plant.

• 21% Average THC Content
• 100-300 Grams per Plant
• 9-10 Week Flowering Time

Six shooter seeds

Setting a goal to take a super productive autoflowering strain, we thought long and hard over what of our geneticist to chose for getting a maximum results – unprecedently high yield and power, which cannot be called just "a good autoflower".

Basic / Breeders Info

Six Shooter – it’s always full clip: attractive citrus aroma incense, soft smoke is poured by dry waves of freshness with pepper notes, such a strong effect that you disoriented in space and time, but also mind-blowing yield that is worthy of the best commercial grove. We can’t say that effect is mellow so it is not suitable to be able to consume throughout the day, this weed it better for evening using. But don’t worry, without having a sensation of numbness or heaviness.

FastBuds’ Six Shooter Description

Each puff of a Six Shooter hits the target. Already after the first tightening you will fly by first class of Mexican Airlines to your own Chrystal Paradise. The effect is similar to the hit of explosive bullets – precisely in a head, and then spreading by body. Even if your tolerance is high, Six Shooter will strike you with its power.

We gave Fast Bud’s breeders one goal to pursue. Create the most productive strain possible with our autoflower genetics. The result is one of our most bountiful varieties for sale, and at a steal of a price.

Taste & Aroma

Our Six Shooter Strain sports citrus-pine with notes of pepper.�The smoke has a gentle, herbal aroma that belies the powerful effects.

The High Effect

Six Shooter seeds are always fully loaded,�and the trigger can be pulled at any moment.�Each toke of this slick cowboy never misses its target.� Not even riding first class on Mexican Airlines can live up to this arsenal of buds.�The effects can are explosive and intense, like a Wild West standoff.�