Skywalker OG Seeds

Skywalker OG Seeds
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Skywalker OG Info

PLANT TYPE80% Indica 20% Sativa
THCUp to 26% THC
CLIMATESunny climate
FLOWERS8 weeks
YIELDS14 to 17 oz per 3x3ft

Skywalker OG Effects

Dry mouth
Dry eyes

Are you looking for a calming smoke that carries a mellow high and is a crowd pleaser for beginners and veteran smokers alike? You are going to love Skywalker OG! This is an indica dominant hybrid that has just enough sativa to make the experience full body without being overwhelming.

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  1. Big Band is the ultra-skunk strain renowned for its creeper stone and Bubblegum flavor! Once we developed Big Band we were attempting to locate something which could produce a knock out buzz mixed with a delicious aroma and taste. It’s got the simply mind blowing aftertaste of Bubblegum accompanied by a persistent and high effect, while the phenotype California Desert Sativa delivers a delicate menthol nuance. The plants are mid-sized to high in production and medium tall, simply handled from a beginner. Ideal for novices and inexperienced growers, experts recommend to grow indoors.

  2. Easy Rider presented by Ceres Seeds. It is a brand new Ruderalis and Skunk mixing with the additional benefit of being an auto-flowering variety.

  3. We pertained across this attractive marijuana stress on one of our numerous investigation tours to Southeast Asia; to be actual, at the Full Moon celebration held regular monthly on the Thai dream island of Koh Phangan. Nirvana’s Full Moon is anything you might want Thai weed to be like. This entirely exotic Cannabis Sativa packs a trippy, almost spooky, visual high. Under high wattage bulbs, it is popcorn buds emerge as proof as well as heavy. Full Moon receives a clean marijuana odor as well as an unmistakably Thai spicy flavor.

  4. Strain that comes from crossing a very stable as Shark and several generations of Ruderalis. Auto Shark generation of a size greater than their predecessors, with a more pronounced flavour. It’s strong smell and sweet skunk makes it very attractive for those who prefer these particular species. A dark green with a heart resin snow.

  5. Huge fat haze temples in less time! Temple is the ultimate plant for people that want a solid, fat, true sativa dominant hybrid in less time. Hazey floral lemon lime vanilla temples, with a strong up, motivating, anti depressant, life affirming high in around 9-10 weeks. A range in phenos allows you to choose your favorite body to mind combination. This is my go to bud for most celebratory situations and has earned a place in all my friends jars as a true spirit healing sativa canna champion.

  6. Mekong High by Dutch Passion is a particularly potent indoor/greenhouse strain with an incredible soaring Sativa high. Mekong High’s 75 % sativa, 25 % indica 
genetics come directly from the Laos/Vietnam jungle area. Dutch Passion gave this strain a top-class rating, due to it’s old school ‘retro’ high and great herbal taste. The high is good for socializing as well as creativity, perfect for anyone looking for that incredible ‘feel good and smiley’ Sativa stone. Mekong High cannabis seeds produce high yields associated with the huge growth potential. This is an ideal strain for the outdoor/greenhouse grower that is looking for pure, unadulterated jungle genetics that will remind you of the great Sativa smokes of the 70’s.

  7. Millenium will be the plant of the future. It’s primarily an Indica. This plant can yield as much as 600 grams per square metre. Grown closely packed, this particular sea of green method will develop huge colas. You will have to support Millenium plants because of their weight and height.

  8. Inside the Kings Cross there was two pheno’s, the Pink and the Green (hairs only). It was presented to me together with a collection of 3 hash plants from a few old boys. Once I grew it all out, I called it the Pink Kush, but afterwards determined it was another pheno and stabilized it. King’s Cross grabbed greatest Hash Cup during the 05′ 420 Cup. This 100 % pure indica crossbreed is a highly desired strain and incredibly lucrative on a commercial basis.

  9. The long awaited Chiesel, a Big Buddha Cheese x NYCD MaleIn, a mixture of 2 of the finest flavors around; cheese with diesel. The father used was an NYC Diesel via the legendary Soma! The male included enough hybrid vigor plus a distinctive hint of the grapefruit diesel flavor to the highly sought after cup winning Big Buddha Cheese. The flavour concoction of old skool blended with the newest fuel hints, is really a highly unique along with a very memorable one. Chiesel grows comparable to its mother, a slim looking rapid flowering Sativa with indica effects.

  10. Auto Mazar is actually a remarkably heavy-yielding autoflowering hybrid involving our legendary Mazar along with a Ruderalis/Indica. Mazar is really a triple prize winner, a best seller praised due to its potency, big yields and delicate flavor. Auto Mazar makes sticky, amply proportioned buds and grows into a height of 70 to 80 cm. Auto Mazar is seen as a typical Indica, a strong-growing lustrous plant with enormous leaves and yields of 50 to 125 grams per plant. Best result documented to date is a beastly plant that developed 205 grams (outdoor in Southern Europe). It’s a robust strain which is simple to grow and ensures a huge early summer harvest of fine quality when grown outdoors. The stable genetics also guarantee that Auto Mazar is resistant against pests and diseases. The taste and aroma with this resinous variety are usually that of an authentic earthy Indica. The intense body high is extremely pleasant. Auto Mazar is necessary for those Indica lovers, not at the least for it’s overwhelming yield.

  11. Indica. This huge, golden plant having pink hairs has been bred 5 feet over sea level. It’s mold resistant and perfect for mountain and island around the world. Incredibly sticky and stinky buds.

  12. Next Propagation Top Dollar Seeds is the special skunk variety that has been a sensation here in BC for years is now available. The skunky odour that comes from these is astounding. The consumers continually select this range when granted a choice, it sniffs so dank as well as loads a large strike. Created for ocean of environment-friendly method whether growing in soil or hydro. Very couple days to veg prior to flipping to flowering (4 days veg), clone plant expands 12-16 inches in first 2 weeks by having various tight bud sights in between.