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slurbert seeds

Slurbert seeds

Mother : slurricane
Father : sunset sherbert
Yield : medium to heavy
Finishes: 63 – 65 days

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Map of the Slurrbert Family Tree

Slurrbert is a mostly indica dominant hybrid combining
The famous slurricane by inhouse genetics with sunset sherbert strain. This strain boasts an alluring orange and skunk smell, with gassy undertones, this plant is a bit of a show off and colours can range from vibrant purples to very dark hues of purple almost appearing black in appearance, structurally this plant likes to grow taller than most indica and like to be topped, buds structure will be smaller and very dense in this plant, it is a medium to heavy yielder and can really stretch it is suggested to give it adequate room to flower out.
Slurrbert is/was never available as feminized seeds and only f1 and f2 regs exist

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Medical Values

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Slurbert seeds

Zerbert is a Cali kosher cannabis proprietary strain. Not even copycat genetics available yet as far as I can find. Cali kosher grow their own product for dispensing so chances are it will never get into the wild.

not available to buy hence why people smoke these cali strains

hey ther iam llooking for some zerbert seeds or clones recently been smoking alot of the stuff and wanting to give the strain a run myself any pointers to get my hands on some seeds would be soo appreciated <3

assuming it's some exclusive hype strain sold in fancy bags you have absolutely no chance of getting cuts of it, seeds are unlikely unless by some hail mary you find some in your weed but even then they will be of questionable quality. copycat genetics is your best bet for all that shit tbh.

Slurbert seeds

But I had to get a closeup shot first, as I knew it wouldn’t stay this pretty for very long:

In went the yellow and green as well:

Then it was time to dump! I used a baby bathtub, it was a good size and easy to contain the mess in! Svara helped dump the colors:

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Here is a closeup of the seeds after they soaked up the water:

And finally the red! Svara couldn’t wait to get her hands in it!

Once in awhile I gather up my energy and courage to do something fun and messy with the girls. This time we did it outside in the porch so everything could be sprayed away in the end, a smart idea indeed! I was inspired by this post I saw on pinterest for using basil seeds as a sensory activity for little ones. I can easily get basil seeds here, so I went for it!

In each of the cups below I added 1T of basil seeds to about a cup colored water. I waited more than 5 minutes, but they never soaked up all of the water. Maybe I should have waited longer, or used less water.

A few seconds later, after being stirred a bit, and after Talisa threw the spoons in: