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small cannabis grow tent

Small cannabis grow tent

I’m relatively new to growing in a mini tent, but it’s been so fun that I had to share Here’s what I’ve grown in this tent so far:

2nd grow under a HLG 100 Quantum Board (100W LED grow light)

Total yield: 166.78g or 5.88 oz

I’m using the 2’x2’x3′ Grow Tent by CoolGrows. I’ve tried a few different grow tents in this size, and so far I like the CoolGrows version the best.

I love growing in a mini tent so I completely understand why you’re interested in trying it yourself! You can use these tents for your seedlings and clones, or you can even grow a few small plants from seed to harvest. Many different models in this size are available on

Small cannabis grow tent

It’s only after that they’ve broken the surface that they need a small amount of light. Small tents are perfect to create the best environment possible for seedlings.

Each stage in a cannabis plants’ life cycle has different requirements, and a seedling is no different. Before germination, cannabis seeds don’t require light.

MarsHydro Small Grow Tent

You may find that gnats enjoy the humid environment of clones that are beginning to root versus the drier air found during the vegetative cycle.

TopoLite Small Grow Tent

These convenient grow spaces save time by enabling you to get started on your grow as soon as possible.

Small cannabis grow tent

If you have a smell emergency, you can use an exhaust fan directly attached to a carbon filter sitting on the floor. This isn’t as effective as a “real” exhaust system, but it will clear an entire room of smells in just minutes. Some growers who can’t fit a carbon filter in their grow space have even used this technique to control smells for a whole grow!

Pros of Growing Cannabis in a Grow Tent

3.) Hang Exhaust Fan

You can dramatically reduce the sound of fans by hanging them as opposed to letting them sit on something. Keeping fans clean will also make them as efficient as possible while preventing sounds from developing.

Sound Check

If you’ve seen the examples and want to keep it simple and get a grow tent, here’s more information on how they quickly create the perfect environment for your growing marijuana plants!

$85) – Another CoolGrows tent. This size tent can support even the biggest HID grow light, the 1000W HPS. I personally think it’s the perfect size for a 600W (the most efficient of all grow lights, and it can produce more than a pound), so you get the best and biggest results as possible without dealing with a ridiculous amount of heat or killing your electricity bill.

How to Set Up a Grow Tent for Stealth

For both air and water pumps, it makes a difference to place them on something besides directly on the ground. For example placing them on a piece of wood will muffle the vibration.