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small marijuana grow tent

Multi-chamber tents are designed to make a perpetual harvest attainable for people with a limited grow space. Perpetual harvesting allows a grower to have a fresh crop ready to harvest more frequently.

Ideal for an LED light, this tent is nearly identical to the Mars Hydro, VIVOSUN, and other OEM versions—consumer-pleasing tents on a race to all-time low price tags.

To figure out how a tent sits in a room, pick a potential location and make a tape outline of the tent’s dimensions on the floor. Can people still move around in the room? Will the tent block any doors, windows, vents, light switches, or electrical outlets? If a tent needs to exhaust into the outdoors to ameliorate aroma or temp buildups, are windows or ducts available? Can plants be accessed from all necessary angles?

A sturdy piece of kit, the CLOUDLAB series boasts a best-in-class 2000D canvas shell, 150-pound weight capacity, and an all-steel frame complete with 22mm poles.

Other great short tents

Finishing touches may include:

A comparison of common reflective materials by grow-light manufacturer MIGRO observed up to a 33% increase in canopy illumination when using industry-standard diamond mylar—that means 33% more weight come harvest time, so three ounces would become four, and an $600 ROI becomes $800.

When determining tent height, growers need to account for the type of light as well as space for an exhaust fan and carbon filter.

Best short tents

Tents come in sizes ranging just a few square feet all the way up to multi-room mini-mansions. Some are fairly basic and others are decked out in features that we’ll explore below.

CLOUDLAB 866 by AC Infinity ($189.99). 60” x 60” x 80”. Fabric: 2000D. Poles: 22mm steel. Weight Limit: 150lbs.

Small marijuana grow tent

2nd grow under a HLG 100 Quantum Board (100W LED grow light)

Total yield: 166.78g or 5.88 oz

I’m using the 2’x2’x3′ Grow Tent by CoolGrows. I’ve tried a few different grow tents in this size, and so far I like the CoolGrows version the best.

This is what the four plants looked like before harvest

I’m relatively new to growing in a mini tent, but it’s been so fun that I had to share Here’s what I’ve grown in this tent so far:

I love growing in a mini tent so I completely understand why you’re interested in trying it yourself! You can use these tents for your seedlings and clones, or you can even grow a few small plants from seed to harvest. Many different models in this size are available on

This grow is currently in progress, but here they are at 38 days old from germination

Total yield: 156g or 5.5 oz (under a 100W light, which is 1.56g/watt!)

Small marijuana grow tent

Before spreading to countries like Spain and Chile, marijuana history shows that it was consistently used in the Islamic empire.

weed grow tent with LED lights

According to international statistics an estimated 159 million people worldwide use marijuana. In the United States at least 94 million Americans have used the drug at least once in their lifetime. In fact, marijuana is the second most-consumed substance after alcohol in the U.S.

Four Best Grow Tents for Growing Marijuana

Cannabis is a versatile plant which, unfortunately, is primarily known for its euphoric effects while other aspects of the plant are ignored.