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smart pot weed grow

Smart pot weed grow

More oxygen is delivered to the roots than a regular pot, though about the same as a smart pot

Regular Pots vs Smart Pots vs Air Pots

Smart Pots for Growing Cannabis

Air Pots
(plastic containers with holes on the sides like Swiss cheese)

Easy to find at any gardening store

This is a container with a hole at the bottom for drainage, plus a saucer to catch the water.

The wide base of a smart pot makes them well suited to growing really large plants, which is why smart pots come in huge sizes in addition to standard plant container sizes. Even giant plants won’t tip over in a smart pot. Many outdoor cannabis growers plant their cannabis in big (600+ gallon) smart pots since they help outdoor plants grow faster than just putting them straight in the ground.

Smart pot weed grow

Beyond all of these broad categories, each strain will also have unique attributes that may make it more or less desirable to you. Find what suits your needs! What works for us may not be what works for you. To read more in-depth on the differences between sativa, indica, and autoflowers (including their health benefits) check out this post.

Strains: Sativa vs Indica

I hope this all took some of the mystery out of growing cannabis for you. Please feel free to ask questions and pass this post along. To the left, of course. Wishing you the bet of luck with your growing adventure!

The “Besto Pesto”: Lemon Walnut Basil Pesto Recipe

We generally prefer uplifting, happy, energetic sativa-dominant hybrids – ones that are balanced with enough indica to keep things smooth, relaxing, and still make for a great night of sleep. “Maui Wowie” is a long-standing favorite here, and “Rosetta Stone” is our new go-to lately.

Smart pot weed grow

Even if a root does make it to the edge of the pot, since the pot if made of fabric, the root does not get diverted and wrap around the edge. Instead, it pokes out through the fabric. Then it is exposed to even more air and gets automatically pruned.

Naturally, this also means you’ll have to water your plants far more often. We discuss this in more detail below in the section on disadvantages of fabric pots.

You can, but we don’t recommend it. You can certainly grow multiple plants per pot, like having 3 plants in a 15 gallon pot, instead of 3 separate 5 gallon pots.

Easier To Grow In A Shorter Space

When roots are exposed to large amounts of air, they stop growing automatically. This is what happens as they reach the edges of the pot.

One of the reasons smart pots are well-suited to growing larger plants, especially ones you train to grow wide, is that they are almost impossible to tip over.

Plants Won’t Tip Over

The reason for this is that smart pots dry out much faster, due to the better airflow. This means you’ll never end up overwatering, but you’ll have to water far more often. It only takes one or two days for a small smart pot (under 5 gallons) to dry out completely.

The porous fabric makes it easy for excess water to escape and also allows air into the pot to help dry out the soil. The result is that the roots will never become water logged.