Smoking Weed Can Be Healthier Than What You Thought

Smoking Weed Can Be Healthier Than What You Thought

Smoking of weed has always been a matter of immense controversy in almost all US states. Of course, the smoking weed effects are the main culprits behind these intense debates. Today if we look at the state of affairs regarding legalization of marijuana, then things will get even more confusing. Many states have legalized marijuana based on its medicinal as well as social values while several oppose its legalization or they are on the verge of approving the legalization of marijuana for medical as well as commercial purposes. When so many events take place around this particular fact, then it is no wonder that any new announcement or studies in this regard make quite a big statement in the tabloids.

Recently another research report has come out which is seen as a blow to anti marijuana activists, as the very core finding of the research report will most probably be a supporting fact for the legalization movement set in motion in several states for legalization. A recent study report has claimed that smoking of marijuana is indeed a welcome habit. It causes the complete remission of the dreaded disease known as Crohn’s Disease.

If you look at the clinical data published in Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology journal, you will find the results of the survey we have mentioned here. A group of researchers at the Meir Medical Center in Israel conducted a study on 21 people who were suffering from Crohn’s disease. Eleven of them were given two joints a day for a period of 8 weeks continuously. The cigarettes that were given to these people contained 23 percent THC as well as 0.5 per cent CBD.

This is precisely the same amount of marijuana concentration that is available in dispensaries that sell marijuana in San Francisco and Oakland as well as other cities where access to the drug has been legalized for medical purposes. The remaining 10 surveyed respondents were given cigarettes having no cannabinoids and the results obtained were very amazing actually.

Those who smoke marijuana showed complete remission in terms of their disease subdual. Those who smoked the other cigarette did not show any improvement. So the findings have indeed proven to be an asset for campaigners who wanted to legalize marijuana.

The scene about marijuana is going to face drastic changes in the coming months, as more people will start to ignore the smoking weed effects. In addition, such studies will only aid this movement.