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soil for growing weed uk

Ok so after my previuos 2 attempts didnt go to well , both either ended up with p lockout out or n defiency , ive decided to give it a go with some decent soil as the last soil i used was just basic sh!tty soil.
Im going to be growing autos, so and advice on soil and which nutes to use with soil appreciated, and also if nutes are going to be needed in veg as will there be enough nutes in veg for the short veg of an auto or will more needed to be added , please bare in mind im in the uk so fox farm soil isnt available.

The 2 ive been lookin at are bio bizz all mix but ive heard more perlite is needed to be added and another called plagron.

Organic hydroponic soil is the perfect habitat for growing healthier and better-tasting plants that will flourish.

At THC, we stock and supply organic hydroponic soil to suit every budget, from Plagron megaworm soil improver and Mills light mix to super coarse Silvaperl perlite 100L bags.

Enjoy improved root health and an increased yield – choose from our extensive growing soil range containing natural ingredients which encourage friendly microbes and fungi.

Soil for growing weed uk

Containing only natural organic elements, Light-Mix is very highly rated and recommended for beginners and more experienced growers alike.

Although you’ll spend a substantial amount of money for FoxFarm Ocean Forest, it will pay for itself, considering you won’t need a pH pen. If you’re looking for an easy-to-use potting soil mix – this is it.

This Original Potting Soil from Roots Organics contains many ingredients which work together to provide your plant with the nutrients it needs. It has beneficial mycorrhizal fungi, Funneliformis mosseae, and Rhizophagus intraradices that enhance uptake of plant nutrients as well as increase root biomass.

Organic Super Soil Concentrated Strength

Next, you’ll need to understand if you’re looking for the best soil for growing marijuana that contains beneficial microbes or not.

The nutrient source of Happy Frog soil stems from bat guano, earthworm castings, and forest products, such as wood chips. There are enough nutrients to last an entire cycle, from seedling to harvest.

FoxFarm Strawberry Fields Potting Soil

Additionally, when growing photoperiod plants, it may be more beneficial to start them in a seedling pot with a cannabis soil mix specifically designed as a seed starter with fewer nutrients. You can then replant your precious seedlings when the time is right in a more suitable cannabis soil for the next growth stage. It’s important to remember that mature cannabis plants in the later stages are much better at tolerating much higher nutrient levels than seedlings.

All in all, BioBizz Soil is another contender in our list of cannabis soil.