Soma Seeds Review

Soma Seeds Review

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Soma is a 56 year old Rastafarian who is spiritually dedicated to the Sacred cannabis plant. He has been working with the plant for 38 years. Soma started growing cannabis in 1971 in southern Vermont. All his cannabis has been grown with his excellent knowledge in an eco-friendly manner. Soma has real love for cannabis and this is very apparent from the quality of his produce – All Soma Seeds are of excellent quality. His cannabis seeds are Ripe, fresh and have an excellent germination capacity. He wears pants and shirts made out of it, smokes it constantly, he has a prescription for 10 grams a day, and studies every aspect of the marijuana phenomenon.

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  1. G13 Labs Ice carries with it an extremely firm bud formation having hues of dark golds, greens and it is extraordinarily frosty. it’s ancestors vary from Afghani, a rather special Skunk, Shiva, to Northern Lights.

  2. The Dutch Passion Isis Feminized is a mainly Sativa strain, having a clear Haze influence. It’s Cannabis Seeds generate a high quality high. Dutch Passion only provides Isis seeds in the feminized form to ensure a completely premium Sativa. A notable characteristic of the Isis Plants is that the branches will bend downwards at the conclusion of the life-pattern of the plant, because of the weight of the buds.

  3. From our genetic larder comes an explosive mixture of taste, two of the plants which have created history in the family of cannabis for their performance, flavor and one-of-a-kind nuances: the Critical, Sativa like, however with potent indica input, combined with a selection of indica appeared to be and excellent sativa specifics: the lavender. This variety showcases with pride the characters that have established its parents renowned, pleasing us using its large, lustrous buds of blue edges, with amazing hints of blueberries and redberries, nuances that develop into creamy fruity panache within your mouth.