Sour Diesel Seeds

Sour Diesel Seeds
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Sour Diesel Info

PLANT TYPE40% Indica 60% Sativa
THCUp to 20% THC
CLIMATEIndoors and sunny climate
FLOWERS10 weeks
YIELDS16 oz per 3x3ft

Sour Diesel Effects

Dry mouth
Dry eyes

Original Sour Diesel from the Cali Connection Cannabis Seedbank, the cali connection have again brought you several of the absolute best cannabis seeds in the game.

Based mainly on genetics in the Californian Coast, USA. These people join the greatest marijuana strains using their favorite OG Kush legendary strain, to create several of the finest cannabis seeds with scarce genetic material not ordinarily accessible to seed collectors. Within the growing connoisseurs marketplace, this really is certain to make Cali Connection popular. It is precisely what it says the Original Sour Diesel. There isn’t anything more to imply except this strain can be described as legendary strain one for virtually any real cannabis seed collector to include in their growing seed collection.

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  1. Sour OG Seeds belonging to the Cali Connection seedbank is a mixture of Sour Diesel and OG Kush. Belonging to the San Francisco Valley this marijuana strain has journeyed through the USA to be readily available for you, direct from us!

  2. Presenting: Sour Double Kush – (Sour Kush x OG Kush). Another winner! Here is the most Sour smelling plant that i’ve ever had. This strain has almost everything. Bag Appeal, Yield, medium flowering time, great effects. With an elite strain, Sour Double Kush possesses a great yield. The density from the flowers is unreal. Flowering is done in 9 weeks. Outcomes of Sour Double Kush are an all round warming effect on the whole human body, It’s not a couch lock sensation in anyway. Motivational yet still qualified to relax type of results. It is a must to consider for the connoisseur. Absolute to impress even the hardest to please.

  3. A CBD enriched White Widow strain, this grows vigorously during the vegetative stage and on flowering produces slightly airy flower clusters, which end highly resinous. The airy start to the bud formation makes this strain more suitable for humid areas where more compact plants would suffer from mould. This strain has a distinct but pleasant odour with a sour onion fragrance.

  4. Sour Hazy Jones Seeds by Connoisseur Genetics Seedbank a S.S.S.H.D. by Casey Jones combination. Connoisseur Genetics offer several of the finest marijuana seed strains available after which add a twist. Using everywhere possible an original award winning varieties Connoisseur Genetics next include in phenotypes built to get the best better yet. Sour Hazey Jones takes the finest from the Super Silver Sour Diesel Haze and integrates these sour notes with the origional Casey Jones. Contributing to some complex flavours, off an extremely dense and hefty marijuana strain. An ideal all rounder from the highest calibre, out of the present day cannabis legend Casey Jones.

  5. Connoisseur Genetics Seedbank presents Super Silver Sour Diesel Haze Marijuana Seeds. Connoisseur Genetics offer a number of the greatest cannabis seed strains on the market and after that pop in a twist. Using everywhere possible the very first ranked varieties Connoisseur Genetics then add in phenotypes created to get the best better yet. This strain is Connoisseur Genetics, together with the original multi cup winning strain in addition to the original cannabis seed release in an attempt to enhance the fine characteristics from the original cup winning strain. Expect vintage haze fragrances and structure.

  6. Extremely high yields will be the main concept here, as being the Power Plant that has stormed the commercial landscape since the early 90’s makes its come back in a sweet and sparkly tasting new gem. The Strawberry Sour Diesel father improves the huge harvest with a zesty, refreshing strawberry taste, suitable for those who prefer the fruity indicas yet don’t want to sleep all day. Commercial growers will adore the higher yields as well as their consumers will crave the fresh berry flavour. Flowers in only 8 to 9 weeks.

  7. Sour Lemon OG Marijuana Seeds via Emerald Triangle Cannabis Seed-bank. This bank has relocated to it’s roots and back in its history to supply and ressurect some seriously serious genes. Taking plants that hark in the 70’s Emerald Triangle have got new genetic substance and mixed them up to make variations that ought to have you awe struck. These top quality Seeds, fresh from Humboldt County, furthermore available as feminized seeds, these typical seeds are currently rising in reputation amongst collectors, this certifies Emerald Triangle Seeds will probably be in solid demand from buyers.

  8. Super Sour OG Marijuana Seeds via Emerald Triangle Marijuana Seedbank. This bank proceeded to go to it’s roots and back in history to source and replenish some seriously serious genes. Taking plants that hark in the 70’s Emerald Triangle currently have new genetic make-up and blended them up to provide strains which will make you awe struck. These premium Medical Seeds, fresh from Humboldt County, furthermore available as feminized seeds, these regular seeds are in fact gaining popularity amongst collectors, this ensures Emerald Triangle Seeds are commonly in enormous request from customers.

  9. This strain is an autoflowering sativa. Why sativa? Because we all know it’s very difficult to effectively grow sativas in Europe due to the long flowering times. Now we can! This plant is strong, fruity and has hints of diesel.

    This breeder is one of the most recognised in the world of cannabis forums, the public know him for his work and his success.

  10. The most recent release from HortiLab. An old skool pre 98 superSkunk clone via Netherlands/Holland was pollinated using our ECSDv3 father. The finished product is a Sour Diesel dominate form of skunk plant with a top notch flower to leaf ratio and a rising sativa high which ensures you keep you cheerful and smiling non-stop. Skunky & Sour entirely. Flowering time is around 10-11 weeks and plants generate excellent yields of compact buds.

  11. Among the finest genetics obtainable in today’s market. Originally Sativa, with fresh and euphoric potent results, yet not very cerebral. It’s the perfect everyday friend. Crossing our very best Indica of vast production with Diesel, we improve production and reduce flowering period. Numerous awards due to its tropical fruit taste. Experience Sour Diesel and all its glory!

  12. Sour Diesel Seeds by Reserva Privada a cross from the 91 Chemdawg strains with Northern Lights and Super Skunk. Serious Marijuana collectors will love to put these pot seeds in their collection. The Reserva Privada are amongst the worlds most exclusive cannabis varieties for the serious marijuana enthusiast.

  13. Sour P seeds, is directly from NYC. This cloned strain is the most sought after over the East Coast of the US.This different marijuana gives you with a powerful and exotic taste with an equally thrilling high that will give you guaranteed pleasure!

  14. By picking the most resinous and greatest yielding plants from Autodiesel and AutoCritical Genetics, we have acquired the new BioDiesel Mass, preserving the diesel flavour and smell, with a substantial output and huge amount of resin. Collect only 9-10 weeks after sowing.

  15. Berry Diesel – A Blueberry Indica Mother (Purple Plant) meets my trich producing Sour Diesel male. He’s a stud, Literally produces visible trichomes located on the leaves, quite rare for males to achieve this, in which he does. Great genetics meet to offer you a purple Sour Diesel strain. The Blueberry Indica reduces the long flowering period of the Sour diesel, having a flowering duration of 8-10 weeks. Sure to seek multiple keepers in every single pack. I’ve picked the very best plants out of this cross, and did an In-Cross to help lock down the plants which are Sour Diesel dominate, but in addition possess the Purple flowers plus a nice mixed odor of Sour Berries, which finish quick. Top-Shelf.

  16. Cannaventure Seeds present Sin Diesel (Cinderella99 mixed with Sour Diesel IBL.) My Pineapple-y C99 Mother was struck with my personal crystal putting together Sour Diesel IBL Father. This really is virtually all about Quality. My C99 is really a sativa having an indica time period, carried out in 56 days. Mixing both of these legendary strains joined together perfectly, both being IBL’s, the subsequent Sin Diesel is certainly a stable strain, improving on both already magnificent parent strains. Sin Diesel isn’t light sensitive like Sour diesel is, A piece of cake strain to cultivate. Done flowering within 8-10 weeks, determined by pheno. Excellent yield, High energy and Soaring effects from Sin Diesel. Definitely Top level product that will not disappoint.

  17. Just one more legend developed within the United States of America. The historical past with this varieties genetics is simply too lengthy to describe right here, nonetheless in essence it originates belonging to the Chemdawg line, an interesting strain which is believed to require high chemical nourishment enhance all of the long lasting, powerful, rich sweet taste it has to provide. Whenever developed naturally it’s known as Dawg and whenever developed chemically, it’s known as Chem. The strain, that made its direction to NY by using a gardener that obtained cuttings, crossed Northern Light x Superskunk, and developed Diesel, branded for that diesel-like odor of the fresh buds. This really is among the best selling types within the U.S., which says a great deal due to the reputation. The solid points with this variety tend to be its distinctive lemon-lime taste blended with tangerine along with a hint of diesel fuel. In a few examples the taste is extra enduring. This long aftertaste is the primary purpose for the triumph with this strain, combined with its manageable, light Sativa high. The truth, the impact is gentle, not heavy or extreme, and fades away steadily; additionally it is simple to manage considering that the anesthesia impact isn’t overpowering. The plant is calm because of its lower CBD content; the high is much more cerebral than physical. It truly is simple to cultivate, reasonably mold resistant in cooler outdoor locations, and offers no fungus issues in Mediterranean parts; the plant is light green and doesn’t grow really high. Its outstanding output causes it to be a fantastic choice for outside gardens, particularly if taste will be the number 1 aspect.

  18. The long anticipated BCN Diesel certainly delivers an almighty strike with 20%+ THC. BCN Diesel is right up there with NYC & Red Diesel, and it is a lot more fragrant in comparison with its counterparts accompanied by a kicking heady high! Depending on the phenotype Diesel #2, BCN Diesel has become hybridized with a Malawi, that gives it a much more perfumed fragrance and flavour. Here is the ideal cannabis for a party!

  19. The special Diesel choice that increases purple and quick. Following Generation NY Purple Diesel Feminized Seeds receive an extremely strong odour as well as the extreme taste that the Diesel is actually popular for.

  20. Distinguishing preference and odor that will leave one and your pals yearning more. The sour odour that the Diesel is actually well known for blends wonderful having the Romulan. Very tough cerebral high, having fantastic resin content. Increases surprisingly hardy as well as fast. Great for indoor growers as well as greenhouse growers. Inserted in ‘2006 Cannabis Cup ‘in Amsterdam.

  21. 70% Sativa. Mexican Sativa genetics. Diesel, grapefruit odour and bittersweet flavour. Medicinal plant. Tall, lanky plant. Cerebral high and a social buzz. THC medium-high.

    This is a hybrid of Mexican Sativa x Chemo x Afghani Goldx Hawaiian was first developed in the USA. Medium THC level mediumj to high and it is unlike anything you’ve ever smoked. It is a tall stemmed plant with compact, sugar-coated buds. The buds have a strong lemony grapefruit and diesel-like odour. The buds can be quite fluffy, but they are huge with few leaves. Perfect for supercropping; forming four to five massive buds. Color changes from darkgreen to light purple towards the end. The plant might need some extra support not to succumb under the sheer weight of the nugs. She has a vigorous vegetative period. We advise to top her or fim her to control height.

    The taste is like juicy, red ripe grapefruit. The smell resembles sour tangerines. Spliff Diesel has an excellent cerebral high and a social buzz. Medicinal value: lumbar pain, back pain and psychological problems.