Space Jill – Crash Lands At A Dispensary Near You

Space Jill - Crash Lands At A Dispensary Near You

Just 6 miles of atmosphere separates our precious nutrient rich soil from outer space. Usain “lightning” Bolt, heralded as one of the fastest man on earth – could easily cover that distance in approximately 20 min. Today’s modern rockets can travel into outer space in just under 6 min. And as most might guess – once in space, things can get a little surreal.

In space, with no atmosphere, the human eye can see for millions of miles – enjoying perfect clarity. Unfortunately for humankind not many have the opportunity to travel into space, short of getting high on some really good weed.

For those looking to mentally jet off, while remaining physically grounded on terra firma, the Space Jill Cannabis Seed strain could very well qualify as your newest favorite alien. First created by Vic High, then rediscovered by the mad geneticists at TGA Subcool seeds. This trippy F2 bean was more than 12 months in her scientific, crossbreeding mutation.

As the cultivation mythology goes Space Jill inherited her nickname by virtue of the fact MzJill, of the Subcool set, was the best at determining early and correctly which female would produce the most chronic Kola in the garden.

Space Jill’s genetics run the spectrum of sci-fi scary, with a Romulan father – and the storybook sweetness of a Cinderella 99 mother, her speedy high has the ability to lead to rather intense and sometimes paranoid moments. As a Cinderella 99 / Romulan hybrid Space Jill enjoys a full bouquet of alien flavors… A combination of semi-sour lemon, pineapple and mango.

As a tall and lanky alien, she tends to stretch during her vegetative cycle, growing gangly, lean and thin. Her genetic predisposition works well when grown utilizing a Scrog (screen of green) technique, which is a form of marijuana growth management. By lacing your branches through a chickenwire canopy, then topping your plants as a means of creating greater yields and fewer fracturing points within the stems.

Space Jill has an average flowering time of approximately 8 weeks, primarily dependent upon the cultivator, his skill set and the growing environment chosen. With an average – to above average yield – Space Jill won’t be your highest production plant… But she’s certain to make it taste for Spacey genetics think about the stars for hours.