Speed Seeds Review

Speed Seeds Review

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Speed Seeds comes from sunny Spain. This breeder provides the big collection of feminized autoflowering cannabis seeds. The company has a great reputation for its quality and excellence.

The seedbank has the 20 years success on the cannabis market. It offers the top-quality strains at a fabulous low price.

All varieties has very fast flowering and reliable results. They are easy to manage and to cultivate.

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  1. Plant’s growth begins with a dramatic force, and it’s highly recommended to cultivate it in SCROG, because it gets to be more manageable. As opposed to other sativas, this plant shocks us with a solid output of buds, large and incredibly resinous, who arrive to protect the stems resin. From a recent analysis completed by CANNA Research using a gas chromatography, has acquired an unbelievable 27,12% of THC: A number that speaks by itself. This plant keeps a classic haze aroma, merged with a little sweet touch which makes it stand out. It effects starts with an energy jolt gently fired in a condition of relaxation and alertness.

  2. Rasputin IBL will be the founding mix of Crazy X Seeds 100% autoflowering White Russian collection. Bred coming from a Serious Seeds White Russian female along with an original LowRyder male.

  3. To have the almighty capability to supply the largest sized 100% automatic plant feasible, Grass-O-Matic have mixed thier best auto AK with a marvelous auto-flowering Critical Mass, their latest invention. The outcome has surprised even them, and they’re basically pleased to provide the very first era of their auto-flowering strain , which happens to be totally comparable to the conventional plant in size and quality. MAXI GoM is actually a 100% auto-flowering Big Bud, with a massive, compressed central cola studded with horizontal branches abundant in hard tight buds, completely blanketed with white resin. Its scent, generally fruity and sweet, could take on decidedly citrus or exotic tones, harking back to mango and pineapple.