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starting weed seeds in jiffy pellets

Starting weed seeds in jiffy pellets

Instead, we need to slowly pour 1 cup of water over them. Then wait several minutes until they expand.

Anywhere from 2-8 days later, you will see your marijuana seeds begin to pop their heads out of the jiffy pellets. This will not happen to all your seeds at one time, so be patient and do not mess with the ones that need a little extra time.

Once the seeds have broken through the soil, they will need to be placed on either a 24/0 or 16/8 light schedule to start the germination phase.

My favorite way to germinate marijuana seeds is with jiffy pellets. I currently have a 100% germination rate using jiffy pellets!

It will take the seeds a few days to germinate. It is very important to make sure that they jiffy pellets do not dry out during this time.

Starting weed seeds in jiffy pellets

In another week, the true leaves appeared (the second set of leaves). When this happened, I cut back all but the very strongest seedling growing in each peat pellet and removed the dome of the tray so as not to hamper their growth.

Get a head start on spring gardening by starting seeds indoors with Jiffy Peat Pellets. These handy peat pots have the perfect soil for seedlings and they can be transplanted right into the ground as soon as the weather is warm enough.

After another 10 days, I had lots of plants that had good growth that were ready to plant.

How to thin seedlings

Tender seedlings will not like it if you place them directly in the garden, or even if you place the tray outside in full sun so they need to be hardened off.

I planted the pellet seedlings into 4 inch pots to give them some room for the roots to grow and make the task of watering easier (larger pots don’t need watering as often.)

What are Jiffy Peat Pellets?

I chose a day when it was overcast for the first day and gave the planter just a few hours outdoors. Be sure to place the tray in a shady spot during the day and bring it indoors at night when it is cooler.

Gently firm around the pellet and water. Be sure to keep an eye on the soil around the pellet to make sure it doesn’t dry out. The biodegradable net will break down and the seedlings will send out roots into the surrounding soil before you know it.