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starting weed seeds with led lights

Starting weed seeds with led lights

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The concept here is to use a piece of growing medium, such as widely available peat pellets, and to plant the seeds directly into it.

1. Paper Towel Method

Duds are a common issue, even with quality cannabis seeds. Taking care to rear these fledgling plants in a more controlled environment than dirt can help reduce the amount of non-sprouting seeds and save the grower from some amount of disappointment.

3. Peat Pellets

If it has not, the seeds should be moved to a different environment as too much water can drown them. 24-36 hours is the maximum recommended time for this and is only needed on seeds that have dried out for a long period.

Starting weed seeds with led lights

A few notes about water:

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Step two: I mix perlite into the coir at a ratio of one-part perlite to two parts coir. The coir in our mixture holds moisture without staying too wet. The perlite helps aerate and loosen the media for water to drain easily while also retaining moisture. To keep the dust down, we recommend using water from a spray bottle to wet the perlite prior to handling. I stress again to wear your dust mask when handling perlite.


Always wear a mask when working with perlite! Perlite is a form of obsidian characterized by spherlulites formed by cracking of the volcanic glass during cooling, used as insulation or in plant growth media. It is like tiny shards of glass and is very dangerous to your lungs if it’s inhaled.

Step one: Coco coir comes in a dehydrated brick. I hydrate the coir according to the package directions. Before doing this you would benefit from reading the notes in the Watering section of this post.


How often do we water? Water as often as it takes to keep the media moist and not drenched. We use a variety of techniques to keep our seeds happy: a mister, bottom-watering container, and/or a humidity dome.

Be patient! Sprouts will come in due time!

Starting weed seeds with led lights

Once you have a few flats going, and you know you’re in it for the long haul, I would definitely recommend investing in proper lighting for seedlings.

How Much Light Do Seedlings Need?

If you don’t want to mess around with assembling your own, or you’re not sure how or where to hang it, then I recommend getting a full system like this one. That’s a great option, and it makes setting everything up a snap!

Best Light Schedule For Seedlings

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