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step by step guide to growing cannabis indoors

Step by step guide to growing cannabis indoors

December 31, 2018

growing weed indoors – step by step guide

All the information you need about growing weed is available online through YouTube, blogs and cannabis growers forums . It’s easy, and will save you money! There are many reason why you should grow your own cannabis. The main ones being, you can have safe sane access to, clean cannabis. You will not smoke anything better than your own home grown.

How to grow weed indoors for beginners and where to start

It’s the guide to growing weed for new growers. We focus here on the most important tips and tricks that will help you to produce your first crops.

Step by step guide to growing cannabis indoors

Are you interested in… LED Grow Lights?

There are lots of different grow lights for cannabis, including:

When thinking about where to grow indoors, you should also consider the temperature (also referred to as ‘temps’) of your grow space and remember your temps will rise once you have your grow lights running!.

Is my tap water “good enough” for growing cannabis?

Step 9: Harvest Your Weed

Even if the right amounts of nutrients are present, your cannabis plants simply cannot absorb them if the pH isn’t in the correct range.


These lights are traditionally made for seedlings and plants that need lower light intensity than cannabis. If you do get other fluorescent lighting, I recommend sticking with a High-Output T5 light since they are the brightest option in this group. Even so, I generally recommend changing to stronger grow lights for the cannabis flowering stage unless you do major plant training (to keep plants very short) since these lights have a short light brightness range and must be kept very close to the tops of your plants. Learn more about growing cannabis with fluorescent lighting.

Step 2: Choose Your Grow Light – What kind of light do you need to grow cannabis successfully?

Get Clones – You need to know someone with live female cannabis plants if you want to get clones. Many cannabis dispensaries and collectives will sell clones to prospective growers, or you might know someone who can give you a clone. Learn how to make your own cannabis clones!

Some lights tend to cause more heat problems than others, and we’ll help you find the right lights for your space in Step 2.

Step by step guide to growing cannabis indoors

In this guide to growing marijuana indoors, you’ll find:

Even if you have no experience, growing marijuana at home is easy once you learn the basics. This step-by-step guide provides novice growers with simple instructions on how to set up an indoor growing space and nurture high-quality buds. Find advice for each stage of the process, from choosing the right space, equipment, and strains, to planting, caring for, and cultivating a thriving crop.

Discover the joy of growing marijuana with this comprehensive guide to indoor cultivation for beginners.