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stop weeds growing in gravel

Stop weeds growing in gravel

Remember to add the dish soap last or else your mixture will foam up.

However, weeds can easily grow up between the pebbles if the right conditions allow.

Once you’ve mixed in the salt, then add the dish soap.


A variety of weeds can pop up in our gardens, with daisies, dandelions, creeping thistle and common chickweed wreaking havoc in tidy green spaces. No matter the small space invasive weeds can grow in the tiniest crevice, even between your paving slabs or gravel. So how can you shift the pesky weeds? Can you make an at-home weedkiller?

One simple three-ingredient weedkiller involves washing up liquid, salt and water.

With no plants or grass nearby to damage with homemade weedkillers, you can cover the area and make sure those weeds are killed off.

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How to stop weeds: This weedkiller will work for between paving stones too (Image: GETTY)

First, mix the salt and water. says you will need roughly 1kg of salt per two litres of water.

Stop weeds growing in gravel

Using a compacted subbase (Granular base / hardcore base) will ensure the decorative aggregate is evenly distributed plus allowing for drainage eliminating puddles.

A layer of weed control membrane making it difficult for weeds to pop through and for most weeds to bed themselves.

Common gravel weeds range from grassy weeds to woody weeds. Broadleaf, henbit, purslane, chickweed, dandelions all find it fair gain when it comes to rearing their heads between the stone.
So, how to stop weeds from growing in gravel?
Well, the honest answer, you’ll never completely get rid of weeds existing in your drive. Weed seeds can travel through the air or via birds / insects. If there’s dirt, moister and sunshine then weeds will soon geminate.
However, there are precautions you can take to stop many of the weeds shooting up from the ground below. So keeping on top of keeping your gravel weed free is that little easier.

3. Lay Sub Base.

Dig out the area of your driveway. If your drive is connecting a lawn ensure you separate using edging stones. Ensure irrigation from your lawn does not run into your gravel.

The chemical free / preventing weeds naturally.
Following these steps to prevent weed growth in gravel / gravel driveway is best achieved BEFORE you’ve laid any gravel. However, you can obviously move gravel out of the way and follow these steps (it’s just a little more tricky).

2. Layer of Landscape Fabric.

The final step is to lay a layer of decorative aggregate. You need a decent layer (3 to 5 inches) but not too deep as this can lead to puddle and weed growth.

By laying a later of landscape fabric / weed control membrane it acts as a ground stabilizer so stone and soil do not mix.

Stop weeds growing in gravel

Cons; Because Vinegar is a disinfectant it kills beneficial bacteria in your soil sterilising the soil for up to two years, could be a problem if you want to plant in it any time soon.

Always check Strength actually is 360g/l when buying concentrated Glyphosate weed-killer from other sources.

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Cons; Unfortunately raking also stirs up the dirt that has got into the gravel creating a seed bed for new airborne weeds.

More ways to keep gravel pathways and drives weed free

I especially recommend this trowel for people with less natural gripping strength, and for those with arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome, see my article here about gardening with a disability .

The pros;

Corkscrew weeder Takes the backache out of weeding gravel. Ideal for removing tap-rooted weeds growing through weed suppressant fabric, simply screw the steel spiral through the gravel into the ground and pull. lifetime guarantee

Glyphosate kills the whole plant including the roots.

But, gravel pathways and driveways that have light traffic or are neglected can quickly become overgrown with weeds and grass, so let’s look at ways of getting rid of the weeds and then stopping weeds getting into gravel

I have laid a lot of gravel driveways over the years. I know that weed barriers are not the answer to weed problems in gravel paths or driveways. Weed suppressant fabrics and plastic don’t work for the long-term.