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stop weeds growing through patio

Stop weeds growing through patio

Weeds can grow in even the smallest cracks in a patio if you don’t take precautions to prevent them. When you properly install pavers, weeds have a difficult time growing up through the spaces between them.

How to Get Rid of Weeds on a Paver Patio

The goal is to remove debris and sand from the joints while not disturbing the bedding layer that the pavers are resting on. You’ll need to continue to do this regularly to keep the weeds at bay.

Method #5: Chemical Treatments

Salt is another natural product that you can use to kill weeds. Start by using a 3:1 mixture of water and salt and apply to the area very carefully. Keep in mind that saltwater will also kill other plants, so take care to apply it only to the weeds.

Stop weeds growing through patio

There are many different choices of sealers on the market, some better than others, and some suitable for different results.

Handy Hint: We recommend you use the industry-leading range of Universeal block paving sealants. You can view the entire range here.

If you are unsure, then always do a small test patch on some loose tiles or small, inconspicuous area before starting with the application.

Below we have answered some of the more common questions people ask us when learning how to seal block paving to stop weeds growing through. We recommend using our high-quality patio sealers for the best results.

Why use Universeal block paving sealants?

Should you need more guidance or some technical details, please get in touch using our contact form or call the technical line on 01300 345898.

Checking the weather forecast is highly recommended at this stage as you’ll want to check 24-48 hours in advance for dryness. This is important for the drying of both the sealant and the sand to work its magic.

Just before you sand, go over the areas you have previously cleaned to ensure that no weeds have grown back or that any dirt has been produced.

How to seal patio to stop weeds growing through

Modern patio sealers offer many different looks and finishes, and at Universeal we offer formulations for all types of paving, including:

Handy Hint: Clean with Paving Pro Cleaner or NC60 cleaner (this one kills weeds as part of the process).

Stop weeds growing through patio

Some grasses and weeds thrive in the heat. Crabgrass, for instance, is a warm-season annual grass that thrives in driveway and patio cracks. Its seeds are very tiny and can penetrate the smallest cracks. Quackgrass is even more diabolical because it is a perennial weed that can survive even if just small pieces of root remain beneath the slab. If the exposed portion of the grass is removed, a new shoot will pop up in no time at all.

You will quickly recognize that various weeds have their favorite seasons, and are vulnerable to different control methods. The damp spring might be best suited to plucking weeds by hand, while during the dry months of late summer, chemical herbicides might be the better strategy.

The reality is that pavement weed control is an ongoing landscaping maintenance task for homeowners, but the work is easier if you have a variety of workable strategies to choose from.

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In other words, the weeds and grasses that thrive in pavement cracks do so because they are genetically well adapted to the conditions created by concrete, brick, or asphalt paving. It will take repeated efforts using a variety of methods to control these invasive super plants.

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Successful weed control begins with knowing your foe's likes and dislikes and habits. In their own way, weeds are marvels of genetic evolution. s

When to Kill Pavement Weeds

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You can stay on top of weed control by devoting a bit of time to the job each week. Many homeowners like to conclude weekly mowing or garden work with a few minutes spent plucking or killing the weeds sprouting out the pavement cracks around the landscape.