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strain details seeds

Strain details seeds

The Chronic strain is our most commercial variety, this medium height, not too dense plant is the perfect combination of very good yield and excellent quality. Smokers who appreciate high-quality and grow for themselves choose this plant for its combination of appearance and sweet smell. With its Indica genetic background Chronic weed production can be up to 600 g/m2 without losing that special connoisseur feeling.Read more

Chronic Strain Description

Grows a single huge central bud with few side branches. Topping of the plants to encourage the devlopment of multiple big side buds is possible, but the total yield can be a little less this way. A sweet smell develops while flowering and this aroma will be maintained in the finished Chronic weed, if it is dried and cured well before packaging. Putting the Chronic in plastic bags before it is thoroughly dry will destroy the subtle fragrance forever, making it a mediocre chronic weed. Out of all our strains, this is the best choice for growers who are tired of losing quality while increasing yield.

Already a winner of the 3rd prize at the High Times Cannabis Cup in 1994, this variety was improved in 2000. 1st prize at La Bella Flor Cup Spain 2003 (by Ezequiel) and 1st prize at Highlife Cup Spain 2004 (by Mundo Ganja, Alicante). 2nd prize Highlife Cup Spain 2004, category: Hydroponic (by Perenne Grow, Barcelona). Last awards won by Chronic: 3rd prize Copa Green Skull 2016, category: Solventless Extracts, Cabezon de la Sal, Spain and 3rd prize Cata Invernal 2016, category: Drysief, Spain.

However, in most cases, the seeds won’t be detected. To guarantee this, most seed bank companies offer stealth shipping for customers worried about interception. It’s a discreet way of shipping orders where seeds are placed inside some ordinary objects like DVD cases before shipping; hence the package doesn’t raise suspicion.

This site is geared to users with experience and is one of the most trusted companies that ships to the US. Each year, growers can submit their crops in photo form to the “Photo Cup” competition.

1. ILGM (I Love Growing Marijuana) – Best overall, most reliable

  • Website is full of cheesy ads
  • Steep delivery charges and insurance
  • Reviews on the site seem biased


Q. How do Seed Banks Work in the USA?

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Q: Is It Safe to Buy Seeds Online?

Each purchase comes with free seeds and loyalty points. Two discounts are on offer for Bitcoin users, including 15 percent off with every order and 25 percent for the first purchase. On the downside, the delivery charge and insurance fee cost $8.98 and $9.04, respectively.

Strain details seeds

A healthy soil full of beneficial microorganisms provides great confidence to every grower. These small allies not only dramatically promote the development of our plants, but also protect them from many pathogens. Here we present some information about the soil microbial life, with particular attention to the role of beneficial fungi and their wonderful association with our plants.

Elite clones or selected clones are plants that stand out above the rest of their sisters, representing the best that can be expected of a particular variety. In this article we will talk about these unique plants, and we will introduce some of the elite clones used to develop our varieties.

Philosopher Seeds elite clones

on orders above €30

Cannabis cultivation and beneficial fungi

What makes certain cannabis strains smell or taste a certain way? We know that terpenes play an important role. However, as research continues, we are learning of a wide range of compounds present in the plant that also influence the way we experience cannabis.