Strain Hunters Review

Strain Hunters Review

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From the jungles of Africa to Asia to the mountain ranges of South America, the Strain Hunters are on a mission to bring back the most important and isolated cannabis landraces known to man.

Over the past 34 years the Strain Hunters have collected some of the most unique and rare genetics from landraces all over the world and the hunt is still on!

3 thoughts on “Strain Hunters Review”

  1. Top Dawg serves as a hybrid cross of an awesome Mexican Sativa along with an Afghan strain. The plant features a distinct pineapple smell and flavor. The Afghan Kush genetics provide it with a powerful stone effect. Top Dawg is smells a great deal when growing and flowering. It yields large thick buds which can be simple to manicure. And it’s also an incredible strain in a SCROG or possibly sea of green setup.

  2. One of the fastest autoflowering cannabis seeds. 60 day harvest from germination with a height range from 40 to 80 cms. Very concealable when cultivating outdoors avoiding the prying eyes of the neighbors and excellect indoor within confined spaces. Fast-maturing and easy to grow, adapting well to colder climates. The cross itself is Ruderalis x Afghan producing full buds loaded with THC crystals with a large amount of intensely flavoured fruity resin.

  3. G13 Haze x Reclining Buddha Seeds from the Soma Seedbank are a Sativa/Indica hybrid. Get them today and add them to you souvenir collection.