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stratosphere seeds

Stratosphere seeds

Explore the Stratosphere, lift up to the clouds and be filled with glowing and healing energies from the mother. These dense crystal hash balls are filled with earthy spices topped with some lemon and berries. A filter will be needed to complete your task.

Gage Greens Stratosphere Description

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Indica dominant phenotypes are perfect for relaxation and healing. Feel the buzz in your body. Another rock hard resin machine that will sit on the top shelf all day.

Stratosphere seeds

People seem to love sending edible things into space. In December 2016, ahead of the World Pie Eating Championship, Sheffield-based space enthusiasts attached a camera and tracking equipment a meat and potato pie in Wigan and sent it to the skies on a weather balloon. At the time, it was believed to be the first pie to be launched into the stratosphere, and the alleged aim was to see if its journey up to 30 km changed its molecular structure and made it quicker to eat.

A space-faring Bakewell Pudding (Image credit: S. Anselm’s Preparatory School)

Astrochicken Camilla was attached to the mission’s payload, a modified lunchbox filled with instruments – four cameras, a cryogenic thermometer, and two GPS trackers. Seven insects and two-dozen ‘Sunspot’ sunflower seeds (Helianthus annuus) were also sent up to test their response to near-space travel. The students planted the sunflower seeds to see if they produced flowers that are different than those grown from the seeds that stayed on Earth (but I can’t find a record of the results…). None of the insects survived the mission, so the students pinned their corpses to a black “Foamboard of Death”, a rare collection of bugs that have nearly made it to space.

In February 2015, students of Earth to Sky Calculus flew varieties of garden vegetables and flowers (turnips, cherry and beefsteak tomatoes, sweetcorn, green beans, bell peppers, jalapeño peppers, carrots, radishes, pumpkins, broccoli, sunflowers, cosmos, petunias and helichrysum) to the edge of space. The seeds experienced temperatures as low as -63°C and air pressures similar to those on Mars, and received 40 times the dose of cosmic rays they would have on Earth. Identical seeds remained on Earth as control samples, with the intention that the students would grow both sets side-by-side to see whether the trip had affected the viability, colour, size or taste of the plants. (Again, I don’t think they published their results.)

Atmospheric layers (Image credit:, via Wikimedia)

Space pie (Image credit: SentIntoSpace)

I was writing about helium in its chilling capacity mostly, but whilst I was doing my research I came across plenty of stories of one of its other abilities – lifting things to the edge of space. Well, not really to the edge of space, just quite high in the stratosphere. A toy balloon will burst at an altitude of about 10 km; weather balloons can get to 30 km. It might not be outer space, but you can get some pretty cool pics from up there, and people do.

Stratosphere seeds

Black oil sunflower seeds will attract types of thrush, jay, chickadee, sparrows, nuthatch, woodpecker, grackle, bushtit, magpie, finch, and all types of goldfinches. Many smaller birds and songbirds flock to sunflower seeds (pun intended). If you’re a wild bird watcher, this should be your seed of choice.

If you’ve ever owned a bird, if you enjoy feeding birds or if you’re simply a fan of bird culture in any way, chances are pretty high that you’ve already heard of black oil sunflower seeds.

All About Black Oil Sunflower Seed

Store your black oil sunflower seeds in a cool, dry place if you aren’t going to put them all out at once.

Sunflowers will thrive in all types of soil and they grow well in containers. They don’t need a lot of fertilizer to grow. In fact, too much fertilizer will actually damage sunflower seeds. While the seeds are growing, water them twice a day. Once the seeds have taken root and started to sprout. After that, sunflowers can be watered every other day.

Sunflowers and Seeds

You don’t have to purchase black oil sunflower seeds from pet stores that carry birdseed. You can always grow your own sunflowers to harvest the seeds. These flowers are very easy to grow. So easy to grow, in fact, you can plant bird seeds and grow sunflowers that produce more seeds. Sunflower seeds should be about 2 inches deep and about a foot apart.