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strawberry cough seeds

Strawberry Cough is a beautiful, medium-sized plant that grows indoors and in greenhouses unless you live in a region with a warm climate such as is found in the Mediterranean. With cooler temperatures at night it will turn purple. It is straightforward to grow and only needs an average feeding schedule for best results. The first growth-spurt of buds ends during week 4 after which there is a second during week 9, the final stage. Indoors it is recommended to use a SoG (Sea of Green) system to maximise yields. Outdoor crops should be ready to gather in during October in the norther hemisphere.

Strawberry Cough is a joint North America/European production and is 80% sativa. It has a fantastically fruity taste and a wonderfully relaxing effect that has therapeutic properties.

The aroma and taste is truly delicious and is of ripe strawberries and the medium-strength production of THC gives this cannabis strain a very pleasant, uplifting high that brings a marvellous sense of relaxation and a feeling of euphoria. Therapeutically it has proved useful to alleviate anxiety, depression and stress.

Strawberry cough seeds

Strawberry Cough seeds are THC dominant and contain only trace amounts of CBD. The average THC concentration found in lab-tested samples is between 15% and 21% THC.

Sweet, relaxing, and paradoxically energetic, Strawberry Cough is everything you need it to be.

Strawberry Cough bud is incredibly dense, packing a deceiving amount of weight per nug. There are few pleasures in life on the level of mindfully grinding this nug and slowly spreading it across a rolling paper.

Strawberry Cough plants flower for 9 to 11 weeks. For the best buds, err on the side of 10 to 11 weeks.

Dominant Terpenes Found in Strawberry Cough Seeds:

If Strawberry Cough bud is good enough for Kyle Kushman, then you had better believe it’s good enough for even the most discerning stoner.

However, apart from a dry mouth and eyes, the negative effects of smoking Strawberry Cough are minimal.

This guide to Strawberry Cough covers everything from grow tips to effects, so don’t change that channel.

Growing Strawberry Cough Seeds

[Miriam takes the joint and inhales]

Grow Difficulty: Easy
Harvest: 9-11 Weeks / 11+ Weeks
Yield: 350-500g/㎡ / Up to 600g/plant
Height: Up to 4 feet/ >4 feet
(*Indoor / Outdoor)

Strawberry cough seeds

Strawberry Cough gardens efficiently whether using hydroponics or soil setups. It is too branchy for sea of green, but Dutch Passion recommends planting 15-20 plants per square meter (1-2 plants per square foot). Strawberry Cough likes a boost of nutrients at the beginning of vegetative growth. Although no data was available for outdoor gardens, Strawberry Cough performs terrifically in greenhouses. Strawberry Cough is a plant of happy mediums, growing to a height of around 3 feet indoors or in a greenhouse garden and exhibiting leaves that balance between indica and sativa influences. This multi-branched plant will start delivering ripe colas about 40 days into flowering, and continue with a second wave that finishes at about 65 days. Greenhouse flowering times are typically a week shorter than indoor gardens.

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Strawberry Cough is a unique, strong Sativa leaning hybrid known for its distinct strawberry and tropical-like taste. This varietal's history is one riddled with controversy with many unanswered questions, but as far as we know this exotic beauty hails from an old school haze , eardbeer strain, and strawberry fields. Strawberry Cough is an easy plant to grow and generally thrives better indoor under warmer temperatures. This varietal is a well balanced sativa that will keep you alert and focused, yet relaxed without tiredness.

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The buds are tight and shaped like narrow pine cones, and may get quite long. This variety’s branches are sturdy and support even the weightiest of colas. Strawberry Cough tickles the lungs with her creamy-sweet smoke, whose flavor resembles strawberry, perhaps with a kiwi fruit complement. The buzz is heady and active, a classic let’s-go-hiking sativa lift that can alleviate depression.