Strawberry Kush Seeds

Strawberry Kush Seeds
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Strawberry Kush Info

PLANT TYPE75% Indica 25% Sativa
THCUp to 18%
CLIMATEIndoor and cool climate
FLOWERS8 weeks
YIELDS16 to 23 oz per 3x3ft

Strawberry Kush Effects

Dry mouth
Dry eyes

Mmm… Strawberry! Strawberry Kush representing! Royal Dutch Genetics are packed with innovative concepts and today proudly offer to you Strawberry Kush feminized Seeds. This strain is because of an OG Kush & Cali Indica combination. And although Sativa traits are integrated this feminized mar…

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  1. 80% Sativa. Strawberry flavour and odour. Medicinal strain thanks to high CBD. Uplifting high and strong body buzz. THC medium-high.

    Strawberry’s ancestors originate from Northeast in the USA. The plants have long branches, making this beauty a great plant for “sea of green” gardens. It’s a very consistent Purple variety. Strawberry is a branched plant and ideal for SOG on any medium, but no more than 20 plant per m2. Also performs well in greenhouses. She is covered in long resin glands. Be careful with nutrients. She produces quite uniform plants with dense, compact buds.

    She is not the biggest yielding variety, but makes up for it in taste and high. Spliff’s Strawberry has creamy fresh, berrylike smell and a strawberry taste with a hazy undertone. She produces a comfortable and enjoyable, yet powerful, experience with an uplifting high and strong body buzz. Medicinal value: anxiety and depression.

  2. Thai Fantasy was developed from a Super Thai mixed with Mazar. The outcome is a fast flowering hybrid Sativa which provides a cerebral high along with a nutty scent. Genuine old school Sativa flavors. Tremendous hybrid that has decreased the time of flowering and generates buds which are more dense and resinous, production being medium-high. Effects are challenging and extremely cerebral. Some plants possess a attribute odor of nuts (hazelnuts, cashews, etc.)

  3. Samsara Seeds Crazy Miss Hyde Feminized is an excellent hybrid – a blend of two varieties distinguished by their genetic fragrances. The original Belladonna, is a cross of Super Skunk and an very powerful F1 hybrid male. All mixed with the genetic benefits of the cross between male Northern Light Afghani x Skunk # 1 x Haze.

  4. This beautiful F1 derives from crossing two of our very best highland sativas: the ample, compact and fast Leshoto (South-African mountains), along with the exotic and aromatic Nepalese Kathmandu. This strain, appropriate for cold climates, finishes having its flowers and branches completely purple & red. Huge resistance to the fungi.

  5. Ladyburn 1974 (9-weeker) is easy-to-grow and posesses a wonderful yield, appropriate for beginners, outdoors or indoors. Mainly indica, the effect is stoned in the beginning, however it evolves in an exceedingly pleasant high. Medicinally successful in pain therapy.

  6. Don’t panic, this one is only planning to carry you up and up and higher and higher! An extremely compact Sativa variety, classic chocolate Thai taste and smell. The Skunk father dominates just in fast growth, large yields and basic vigour. A huge crystal producer which is incredibly potent having a trippy cerebral high.

  7. Dutch Passion’s Euforia Feminized Seeds might appear to possess a slow start, their germination takes about five days. However, the plants will essentially triple in length during flowering and finish off about 90 cm tall. This skunk strain generates extremely delicious smell throughout flowering: not skunky whatsoever, yet sweet, candy like, spicy where you could eat quite gladly. Dutch Passion’s Euforia is designed for the commercial grower, as being a producer of enormous, massive buds the weight which may bend over your plants almost by 50 %. Having a more than average THC content (18%) alongside a first prize in the 2002 Highlife Cup, Euforia is perfect for the commercial greenhouse cultivator.

  8. Tutankhamon by Pyramid Feminized Seeds is an option of AK47 – an incredibly expected variety in the feminized marijuana seed market.

  9. Big Buddha’s Automatic is truly an auto flowering marijuana seed strain of distinct interest to genetic preservation projects. Big Buddha Seed’s Automatic will be the upcoming generation of auto flowering strains bred using the goal of providing botanical sample collectors with crucial genetics with regard to their cannabis seed collections. 50% Indica, together with further contributions towards the genetic make-up from both equally Sativa and Ruderalis strains.

  10. This Ministry of Cannabis presents Early XXX. This strain certainly is the last stage of a thorough selection from the finest Skunks of Amsterdam, along having the intention of finding an earlier Skunk. This Early XXX strain will be 60% Sativa and 40% Indica.

  11. These Ministry of Cannabis Zensation seeds is bestowed upon a brand new generation of cannabis strains. Due to a selective inbreeding of a tremendously potent Indica and a well stable white strain they finally got Zensation.

  12. A brand new strain created specially just for the 2011 Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam. Came in third place for the best coffeeshop at the Green Place. This pheno takes you to enlightenment which will have you soaring for hours. She is very immediate once you inhale bam she sends you to the clouds, she will be great for indoor growing and suitable for outdoor growing just watch out for mold at the later part of the season due to its resin content.

  13. Kalijah is the result of a long work of pollination of Blue Heaven by a Mexican x Afghan. The production of the kalijah isn’t plentiful but the superior quality of your harvest (taste, effect, etc.) will compensate widely. For a satisfactory return, it is necessary to leave Kalijah 4 or 5 weeks in growth. His aroma perfumed in 1000 scents will delight your palace. Its effect envoute you and opens your the spirit to the creativity.

  14. Reggae Seeds have crossed two familiar genetics to produce a strain which has a THC/CBD ratio of 1:1. This cross includes Dancehall #24, which after analysis resulted in it having a 1:1 ratio. It also includes Kalijah, which is the CBD carrier for all of Reggae Seeds regular strains. As they were also waiting to create a more stable cross, the result ended up being a small, robust plant which doesn’t really a huge amount of nutrients, its easy to cultivate & a large number of individuals with high percentages of CBD, big buds, with beautiful long, fox-tailed buds in the form of columns. Its aroma is of acidic strawberry’s and exotic fruits, which will never stop surprising. It has a clear and energetic effect perfect for medicinal use due to lack of narcotic effect (always consult a health profesional). It has fast flowering indoors, taking around 45/55 days, and harvesting at the start of October outdoors.

  15. Steve McGarretts Hair strain Named after the 70’s T.V. detective whose famous phrase “book em Dano” was all the rage. This strain is a blend of Haze, Super Skunk, Brazilian and South Indian genetics that have lovingly been put together to create one of the most stable and reliable plants on the market. Each one of the parents has given the strain a perfect balance between a smooth body feeling and a very pleasant, long lasting high.