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summer shindig seeds

Summer shindig seeds

The Old Baker Farm will host its annual Summer Shindig this month.

Admission includes a hayride to the sunflower patch where each person may pick up to five flowers.

On Saturday, Aug. 14, guests will be welcomed to the farm, located just a few miles from Chelsea, for the event from 5-9 p.m.

Several food trucks will offer a variety of food, and 30-40 local artisans will have booths set up with items including candles, handcrafted wooden items, handmade pillows, homemade candy, homemade bread, jewelry, T-shirts and more.

For the $10 admission fee per person, visitors can take a hayride to the sunflower patch and pick five per person; take a little red train ride; visit some of the farm animals; enjoy hay activities and other games; shop local vendors; and enjoy food trucks and live music. The event will end with a 15-minute fireworks display.

Summer shindig seeds

Coming in at numero uno is our Honey Rum Mojito. Add a little liquid gold to your traditional mojito with our Honey and Rum Liqueur. This one is a surefire crowd-pleaser with the sweetness from the honey meaning there’s no need to add sugar.


We’ve left the best till last with Burning Barn’s Iced Tea. Double rum fun, this one is an extra boozy favourite using both our Smoked and Spiced Rum.


Pour extravagantly into a highball with plenty of ice, float the cola and add a wedge of lemon.

Optional Ingredients For Garnish:

For the Cocktail:

Add watermelon and mint leaves to the blender and blend them until smooth Then add ground cumin, sugar, lemon juice, rock salt, ice cubes and again blend to mix them well by one last churn. Serve up in glass, add chia seeds and enjoy. ( Credit: Yummly )

Spicy Mango Margarita

For the Cumin-Pepper Syrup:

Summer is calling, and nothing feels quite as classic as a margarita. While the standard marg holds a special place in our heart, as the weather heats up we’re reaching for frozen treats that combine spicy and sweet. The addition of cumin, chili powder and cayenne add complexity and heat to the party.

The Sergeant Pepper

Similar to the Sergeant Pepper, this cocktail gets its spice from it’s infused simple syrup, this time combining honey and cumin. If you’re a fan of an aperitif-inspired drink, this recipe is for you!

A crowd-pleaser at any age, watermelon agua fresca might just be the most refreshing drink on your barbecue table. Think of this like a slightly herbal yet bright watermelon lemonade. Cumin and mint add a level of sophistication to this virgin drink, but don’t be afraid to add some vodka or mezcal to the mix!