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sundea supreme #9 seeds

Sundea supreme #9 seeds

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1 760 S. Delsea Drive, PO Box 1447 Vineland, New Jersey Visit us on the web at: PHONE TOLL FREE # FAX # ORDER CATALOG – SUMMER 2017 Orders MUST be placed by 3:00 p.m. the day before your scheduled delivery day Customer Number Customer Name Day of delivery Street Address Date of delivery City Taken by ITEM# QTY DESCRIPTION ****ONLINE ORDERING NOW AVAILABLE FOR DELIVERED ORDERS**** Please contact Customer Service for details To order catalogs use item number Office Hours: 7:00 am – 4:00 pm Monday – Friday Showroom Hours: 8:30 am – noon, 1:00 pm – 4:30 pm Monday – Thursday 8:30 am – noon, 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm Friday

3 L J Zucca understands how important it is to manage your store items and to maximizing your space with the best product mix to promote profits. We have worked hard to build the best product offerings to compliment your business; and we continue to introduce the hottest trends and newest items for every category. For your convenience items "new" to this catalog are highlighted. The asterisks symbol (*) next to the case quantity in our catalog indicates an item can be purchased by the individual item. Our terminology is a "broken" case. To eliminate errors, please be sure to indicate your choice of a full case or an individual item when placing your order. If you order an item you will receive the quantity to the right of the description. If you want less than a case and the item number has an asterisk, you need to write a "B" next to the quantity to indicate you want a "broken" quantity. Example: Special K = you will receive a case of 14 boxes Example: 3 B Special K = you will receive three boxes We strive to keep our products in stock and ready to ship so you can get what you need quickly and easily. Please be sure to call our Customer Service if you have any questions. Thank you for your business.

2 RETURN POLICY If an item is received with LESS than the guaranteed shelf life and you believe you will not sell it before the expiration date: Contact our office within 72 hours with the invoice number, item number, quantity, and the code on the received item. The following items may be returned for credit ONLY IF PURCHASED FROM L J ZUCCA in the last 14 days and in original packaging, un-opened, and never stickered. BATTERIES CANDY, GUM, MINTS FULL BOXES CIGARETTE PAPERS CIGARETTE TUBES GLOVES GROCERIES (Case) and (Each) PAPER PRODUCTS PLAYING CARDS PIPES SPORT & TRADING CARDS Credit for the following product categories is divided into four sections FULL CREDIT RESTRICTIONS ANY "NEW" CANDY, NOVELTY, GUM, SNACK ITEM Within 60 days of our initial release CIGARS PACKS KETTLE CHIPS MEAT SNACKS NABISCO CRACKERS & COOKIES TOBACCO CREDIT WITH RESTRICTIONS BEVERAGE’S CANDY, GUM, CRACKERS OR COOKIES CANDY – HOLIDAY CIGAR FULL BOXES DAIRY DEFECTIVE LIGHTERS ONLY (NO ZIPPO’S) FILM, CAMERAS GROCERY HBC SWEET OR SALTY SNACKS & PRETZELS WISE CHIPS & SNACKS RESTRICTIONS: If received with LESS than 30 days shelf life If received with LESS than 30 days shelf life If returned 30 days BEFORE the Holiday Full Boxes, original packaging, un-opened, and never stickered. If received with LESS than 14 days shelf life (See your Sales Representative for a Return Envelope) If received with LESS than 60 days shelf life If received with LESS than 45 days shelf life If received with LESS than 45 days shelf life If received with LESS than 45 days shelf life If received with LESS than 14 days shelf life Original packaging, un-opened, and never stickered. NO CREDIT WILL BE ISSUED FOR THE FOLLOWING CATEGORIES CIGARS LOOSE SINGLE SUNGLASSES CIGARETTE MACHINES "MAKE YOUR OWN" FROZEN SPECIAL ORDERED ITEMS NO NONSENSE PANTY HOSE WIC ITEMS PREMIUM CIGARS ZIPPO LIGHTERS SEASONAL & HOLIDAY (Only if returned 30 days BEFORE the Holiday -Unopened original packaging) NO CIGARETTE RETURNS AMERICAN SPIRIT ONLY product STICKERED by a Cigarette Rep COMMONWEALTH ONLY product STICKERED by a Cigarette Rep J T I ONLY product STICKERED by a Cigarette Rep LIGGETT ONLY product STICKERED by a Cigarette Rep LORILLARD NO RETURNS ALLOWED NAT SHERMAN ONLY product STICKERED by a Cigarette Rep PHILIP MORRIS NO RETURNS ALLOWED R. J. REYNOLDS NO RETURNS ALLOWED This policy DOES NOT APPLY to any product that is received damaged on delivery. Items ordered or received wrong can be returned with your next delivery with a Credit Return Form. 6/15/2015 No employee is authorized to change this Return Policy.

4 Table Of Contents Pages Cigarettes ‘s, 120’s, King’s, Non Filter, Premium, Specialty Cigars 8-13 Boxes, Packs, Twin Packs Tobacco & Tobacco Accessories Chewing, E-Cigarettes, Lighters, Matches, Papers, Pipe, Plug, RYO, Snuff, Vapors General Merchandise Batteries, Bulbs, Duct Tape, Glue, Gloves, Pepper Spray, Rain Gear, Shoe Polish Confections- Candy Concession, Fund Raiser, Gum, King Size, Mints, Nostalgic, Novelty Beverages Cocktail Mixers, Drinks, Energy Drinks, Juices, Soda, Water Snacks Chips, Cookies, Crackers, Meat Snacks, Popcorn, Pop Tarts, Pretzels Food Service Cappuccino Mixes, Coffee, Fountain Syrup, Sugar, Gallon & Bulk Items Paper & Janitorial Supplies (Commercial Use) Aluminum Foil, Cups, Napkins, Plates, Towels, Trash Bags, Toilet Paper Health & Beauty Antacids, Aspirins, Cold & Cough, Eye Care, Shampoo, Sunglasses, Toiletries Automotive Air Fresheners, Antifreeze, Gas Cans, Maps, Motor Oil, Starting Fluid Grocery Baby needs, Case Cutter, Charcoal, Cleaners, Coffee, Cookies, Condiments, Housewares, Pasta, Rice, Tea, Seasonal, Store Supplies, WIC Refrigerated & Dairy Butter, Cheese, Cold Star, Juice, Meats, Puddings Frozen Bagels, Cakes, Dinners, Juice, Meats, Pizza, Roller Grill items, Vegetables, Waffles (*) indicates a case can be broken