Super Silver Haze Seeds

Super Silver Haze Seeds
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Super Silver Haze Info

PLANT TYPE10% Indica 90% Sativa
THCUp to 18%
CLIMATEIndoors and sunny climate
FLOWERS9 weeks
YIELDS19 oz per 3x3ft

Super Silver Haze Effects

Dry mouth
Dry eyes

Super Silver Haze is a killer strain. I’ve bred it a bunch of times. It’s bred into a whole bunch of things. It’s another one of Neville’s from Sensi Seeds Bank. It’s sativa hybridized with a lot more dominant sativa, but it’s got the flowering times have been grossly reduced.

Super Silver Haze will grow anywhere, but it’s mostly grown indoors. Super Silver Haze is fairly easy to grow. It’s very mite and mold resistant. You’ve just got to watch your water.

Super Silver Haze’s flowering time averages 70 days, somewhere around 70 days. Super Silver Hazes averages four to eight ounces a plant when grown indoors, depending on what you do to it. Outdoors, you can get significantly more [over a greenhouse].

Super Silver Haze averages indoors probably four foot. Outdoors, I’ve seen it will get nine, ten foot.

The pros: it’s a killer, killer weed. Cons: it doesn’t yield quite as much as some of the other commercial strains. But commercial is as commercial does.

Super Silver Haze is another one that it is a class by itself. It’s often imitated and been bred very many times. It is what it is. It’s one of the ones that it’s hard to say that it’s started its own family.

12 thoughts on “Super Silver Haze Seeds”

  1. The spicy aroma, pleasing taste of haze plus an intense psychedelic effect will be the primary highlights of this strain; it even has superb mold resistance and may reach an immense size if grown outdoors in good soil within a sunny environment. It isn’t uncommon for this to achieve 4 m while in the right conditions, with output of as much as 1500g of glistening resin blanketed flowers. Like all high production sativas, it requires plenty of nutrients, particularly iron, magnesium, zinc and nitrogen, plus a pH under 6.3 for healthier development. It’s appropriate for SCROG or for being linked and bent outdoors which can be sometimes the solel option to conceal it properly, unless your neighbours are warm and friendly plant lovers. Extremely high strength, stimulates creativity, long duration and appetite, this strain is suitable for disorders including anorexia.

  2. Proudly presenting probably the most infamous feminzed marijuana seeds via the Genehtik Seed Bank, Super Silver Bilbo. These prestigious feminized Seeds come from a specialized backcross of the famous and award-winning Kritikal Bilbo with he equally as infamous Super Silver Haze which in it’s own accord was a BIO champion in Barcelona back in 2005. This Sativa dominant crossbreed is one of the most popular souvenir Seeds available and has proved popular with many souvenir seed connoisseurs.

  3. Awards: High Times Cannabis Cup 1st Prize (1997), (1998) and (1999). Skunk (97′), Northern Lights (98′), Haze (99′). The most indica involving the sativas, a vintage hit. Powerful, durable, blasting. Indoor 10- 11 weeks with yield as much as 800 gr/sqm. Outdoor harvest in middle October within the Northern hemisphere, in middle May within the Southern. Yield as much as 1500 gr/plant.

  4. A champion of champions after winning its hat-trick at the 97′, 98′, and 99′ High Times Cannabis Cups and composed of the most commercial strains identified by the uncivilized world: NL, Skunk and Haze. Such accomplishments confer an unquestionably regal pedigree. It really is a terrific breed for users which prefer to have the stash of leaves and stashes one gasping for reality. Anticipate harvest in 8-10 weeks with top yields and heavy resin production. In the northern hemisphere finalization date would be expected by latter October; in the southern hemisphere, late May/June.

  5. Silver Pearl really is a three way hybrid established in the early 90s. Skunk #1, Early girl, and Northern lights, constitute this tasty strain. Silver Pearl buds shimmer with trichomes yet aren’t as overpowering as the “white” strains. Silver Pearl is quite hearty and completes early rendering it an excellent strain for novice growers. The flavors is astonishingly fresh but not too skunky. Yields could possibly be of commercial interest.

  6. You heard about the low rider, now this is the high rider. This variety has become a long time on its way and for sure verifies that the times they’re a changing! As contrary to popular belief this is deciduous herbaceous perennial strain! For anyone which aren’t that horticulturally conscious therefore it’s got the capacity to re-emerge right after it’s died. Indeed the seeds and not so frequently the plant can over winter and also re-emerge come the springtime, just as this little, or must we say large splendor will autoflower the moment it’s proven – if eventually left being it’ll set seeds, next these seeds will develop and subsequently these plants are going to carry out and about the same exact thing so on and so forth ad infinitum! For anybody which have still not observed the light, it implies that it could grow crazy and if left behind unchecked will colonize the places where it’s placed! In just one season it could generate 3-4 generations of offspring and as every generation grows they’ll do the same thing! In plain english this particular variety can easily grow wild and colonize – if left will return having a vengeance each and every season there after! This strain offers identical genetic qualities considering that the Big Bad John (auto flowering) variety nevertheless is calm as a chellow in comparison to its fat stronger older brother.

  7. Reeferman grew out a large number of Super Silver Haze seeds which originated from the Skunkman. They outshined all the other Super Silver Haze he previously had grown or witnessed. This distinctive line of Reeferman Seeds Super Silver Haze delivers substantial yields and is recognized being about 50% Northern Lights & 50% Haze. It’s not Reeferman’s favorite haze but is the classic generating huge yields of super lustrous lime green buds.

  8. Top Super Auto variety, mainly indica. Number One is the ideal blend involving a relaxing and energizing effect for many who like lazing and thinking. A superior quality plant, tall, quick and generous! It is not called Number One for nothing.

  9. Proudly presenting among the most popular Seeds by way of the Genehtik Seed Bank, Super Kritikal. These esteemed Seeds have formed the cornerstone for a variety of backcrosses that are available today. In reality these Seeds were an immediate result of the globally renowned Kritikal Bilbo, guaranteeing these prestigious seeds are simply that! This indica dominant hybrid is among the most desired souvenir Seeds available and has proven favorable by many souvenir seed enthusiasts.

  10. The Super Bud is really rapid flowering indica with prolonged, lustrous buds. Well suited if grown indoors. Outdoors (the best in areas with low humidity). This fruity and juicy plant is absolutely simple to grow that makes it a superb plant for starters and for commercial production.

  11. As its name suggests, Super Hash is a plant that keeps its delicious flavor both pollen extraction, as consumed in bloom. It’s rapid growth and flowering make it perfect for growers looking for great productions in a short time. Ideal for lovers of extracting pollen as their buds have a touch of flavour to hash. Variety with crystalline buds with lots of THC glands that reach up larger leaves.

  12. Super Hash is regarded as a plant which maintains its delicious taste both by pollen extraction and taken during blossom. Because of its quick flowering, it’s perfect for growers searching for heavy yields in a very brief period of time. The best option for pollen extraction lovers, it provides huge crystalline buds, amply blanketed by THC trichomes that will reach out including the biggest leaves (as observed in the photo). Because of its calming effect, you’ll find it features a therapeutic application.