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Super Skunk Seeds

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Super Skunk Info

PLANT TYPE80% Indica 20% Sativa
THCUp to 20%
CLIMATEIndoors and cool or sunny climate
FLOWERS8 weeks
YIELDS18 to 21 oz per 3x3ft

Super Skunk Effects

Dry mouth
Dry eyes

Super Skunk is an effective attempt to beef up the renowned Skunk # 1. This stress is just one of the initial to match the strength of the effective import hashish in coffee shops. Still widely recognized for its effective flavor and heavy-duty high. A lot simpler to increase as well as manicure than the white stresses. Turnouts are able to be actually extremely fiscally enjoyable. Even performs adequately in garden greenhouse or shed operations.

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  1. High performance hybrid, with extensive branching. Really big yields. In indoor cultivation, the growing period should be limited in order to avoid plants too high. Powerfull, intense aroma and flavour.

  2. Automatic strain of sweet and fruity aroma, excellent production of dense buds with a high concentration of resin. Ideal for interior and exterior.

  3. Cannaventure Seeds RKS, Road Kill Skunk Skunk#1 and Afghani heritage, Early 2000’s stock from Sensi Seeds and also the Flying Dutchman. It’s really a perfect matrimony of each of the Old School Classics, Mixed flawlessly together. The RKS STINKS! No sweet smell with this particular one, at all. The buds are dense and full, with tight calyxes. The fragrance is full-on, Dead Skunk, in concert with a lengthier cure, a piney odor seems to reveal, but it will not over power The Skunk Funk. It’s really a quick and greasy plant, from the Afghani part. Great yield of primo buds. Does adequately in nearly any growing style, SOG, LST, SCROG, to big bushes. Carried out in around 9 weeks.

  4. For many people people, like the producers of Ceres Feminized Seeds, Haze will be the ultimate seed to collect. They’ve crossed the Haze along with the Skunk for this imaginatively named Skunk Haze.

  5. A mix of a Citral HinduKush X CH9 Flower & PG13 (Female pollen mixed). Multiple female hybrid with a fresh uplifting high effect and also great for closet garden. Extremly resinous, very smooth high and is an excellent value for commercial grow. This herb infuses smoothness and is heavy in crystals. Superb buds who catalyze and end up sugar coated. Ideal for closet & homebox garden. Expansive high. For homebox, give 25 days of veg max. Can be grown with indoors or out.

  6. Fast Skunk is another set of great feminized Seeds from De Sjamaan seeds. Fast Skunk is the result of an innovative cross between two powerhouse strains; Early Pearl and Skunk. This resulting cross harnesses only the finest genetics from each of it’s respective strains, these feminized marijuana seeds are certain to prove popular amongst souvenir seed collectors.

  7. Introducing Intense Skunk feminized marijuana seeds from De Sjamaan seeds. This great new cannabis strain is a primary result of the cross between Skunk and an wonderful old school Afghani Hash Plant. These new feminized Seeds are perfect for all collectors in souvenir Seeds market.

  8. Here is a concoction of White Widow and Super Skunk which provides this short plant an immense yield. The feminine plants produces fat smelly buds. White skunk works as a cannabis variety that is perfect for a stoned sensation as opposed to a high feeling. This marihuana tastes pleasant and sweet. White Skunk was previously labeled as Bud Bunny.

  9. We have a mesh of White Widow and also Super Skunk that provides this short plant a tremendous yield. The feminine plants produce fat pungent buds. White skunk regarded as a cannabis variety that is great for a stoned sensation as opposed to a high feeling. This marihuana tastes pleasant and sweet.

  10. This variety produces a good yield. She isn’t the heaviest feeders so don’t over do the nutrients. The flavor is that of fuel, sour, along with just a little dose of fruit. The high is clear headed and strong. DNA Genetics O.G #18 x Skunk is tall with nice nugs and fairly simple to trim because there will be good calyx to leaf ratio. This variety helps with pain relief and is uplifting. Those of you wanting the classic OG flavor with a above average yield this is the one for you.

  11. Dready Skunk Feminized Seeds from Dready Seeds are a fantastic combination of the vintage Big Bud and Skunk No.1 varieties. It is a 50/50 Indica Sativa Blend.

  12. Winner of numerous harvest festivals, and “High Times” Cannabis Cups. Skunk #1 (75% Sativa, 25% Indica) was initially a cross between 25% Mexican Acapulco Gold, 25% Afghani and 50% Columbian Gold. Inbred since 78′, now a stabilized homogeneous strain. Blossoms with long, dense buds, varying in shade from light green to golden. Extremely high flower to leaf ratio. Susceptible to mold the final 6 weeks of flowering. Soft and sweet scent and a very sturdy “up” high. Wonderful variety for indoor cultivating or greenhouse with darkening system. Extremely large yields and quite simple to manicure. This variety works as a standard by which others may be measured.

  13. Skunk #11 is a genuine cannabis legend, our only crossbreed of having distributed more than a million seeds. This really is quite perhaps the worlds most famous cannabis variety ….and for great reasons, this is certainly no typical skunk. Plenty of our consumers happen to be purchasing Skunk #11 for many years and therefore are delighted with the yields and the divine skunk ‘high’ which they don’t even have considered trying other varieties! This extremely secure high quality skunk strain is the outcome of several years of breeding by our own leading skunk geneticist and is a quick and easy variety having superb strength, growth and yield. Remarkably resistant to disease and mold, Skunk#11 provides a famously satisfying anti-anxiety high which calms the body and soothes the soul. The stone is chilled, satisfying, high and erotic. However it provides sufficient energy to enable you to operate if you have to get things done. In this regard it’s referred to as a ‘medium stone’ that many favor to an ‘all-out’ incapacitating stone. Skunk #11 develops vigorously in almost any grow platform; in a greenhouse, indoors or outside. It’s a powerful plant with ample yields of resin coated bud and possesses a conventional spicy old-school shiva scent having a rich, cheesy indica flavor. Our Skunk specialist suggests harvesting at 7 weeks, the buds might still be green at this time however the Skunk #11 reaches its marvelous and incomparable best. More than a million seeds distributed will be your assurance of satisfaction. Experience it yourself, it’s a top-quality variety which we provide at an extremely reasonable cost for this kind of high-performance strain.

  14. Developed using our 007 Skunk-line, this variety is primarily Sativa and will definitely astonish you by its yield. The buds typically are not especially hard, however loaded with glands and outfitted with many beautiful long hairs. Buds of 25 cm aren’t any exception. It requires eight to nine weeks to blossom, however your patience is going to be richly compensated. Guarantees an incredible quality harvest. The high is gradually rising and could take many hours and diminishes slowly following that.

  15. Massive quality that is breath-taking! Indeed we had to bring a skunk selection into our strain-list. From all of the Skunk-varieties which can be located at this moment, we selected a quick producer of massive buds with a powerful skunk smell and a heavy buzz. Skunk special is a reasonably stable strain along with a bit of variety between the individuals. This strain is created in Dutch greenhouses and selected on flower production. So, this is one of worlds best flowerproducers under natural light. Producing indoor quality outdoors in temperate climates (where citrus/grapes grow). Making it suitable for indoors and outdoors.

  16. Citrus Skunk belonging to the Finest Medicinal Marijuana Seeds company is available in feminized cannabis seed form. These feminized marijuana seeds acquire their genetics from two household names of horticulture, namely Skunk #1 and Citral. Citrus Skunk is well recognized due to its pungent, lemony, citrus-like smell. Combining old with new this mix has generated a modern classic. Very nice!

  17. Finest Medicinal Skunk NL Feminized Seeds have a sweet apple smell and a fruity taste.

  18. Skunk #1 by way of the Flying Dutchmen Seedbank, a feminized seed from the Dutch Masters themselves. Being female Seeds they’re ideal for the medicinal marijuana patients. If perhaps you were prescribed medical cannabis you’ll discover some strains inside the seedbank of the flying dutchmen to be really beneficial. These feminized marijuana seeds, out of this amsterdam based seedbank, are offered in a collectable package which keeps the seeds within their optimum and finest condition. Many individuals consider Skunk #1 being the benchmark of uniform, and it’s developed a solid foothold in legend.

  19. A fascinating and extremely potent flashback towards the original Skunk plants in addition to their forebears, to a period when the Sativa aspects of the recognized hybrid were more noticable. The very first Skunks were bred using Mexican, Afghani and Columbian cannabis. As genuine breeding seed strains and down the road hybrids were made, Afghani genes had become the dominant influence in the majority of Skunk varieties. Skunk Classic provides growers a sample of the old school simply by back-crossing Skunk #1 along with a high-pedigree Columbian mother. The outcome is a large, robust plant which causes solid, long, buds stuffed with resin. Her effect is delighted and high.

  20. G13 Labs Skunk #1 feminized Seeds were the very first genuine stabilized hybrid to penetrate the Dutch Cannabis greenhouses. Sacred Seeds made it during the late 70’s from Afghani Indica, Columbian Gold Sativa and Acapulco Gold Mexican Sativa. Previously being successfully stabilized, Skunk # 1 continues to be commonly used like a breeding parent for almost all of today’s leading skunk and plenty of other strains.

  21. G13 Labs Super Skunk feminized Seeds are amongst the first serious projects to generate a next-level cannabis hybrid by crossing the revolutionary Skunk #1 with a pure-bred, ancient, extremely resinous Afghani hash plant. In 1990, Super Skunk was launched to great recognition.

  22. Old Early Skunk doesn’t have the typical comic-book inspired name that usually comes with a Hero Seeds’ bean, but that doesn’t mean she’s not a bona fide super-star! These feminized seeds still have that stink you crave, but Old Early Skunk Seeds also has a revved up power rating that the original old-school weed could never hope to match. This improved strain goes all the way to a whopping 22% THC level!

    To create Old Early Skunk Cannabis Seeds, Hero Seeds crossed a stunning Black Domina with a super-productive Early Skunk. This modern masterpiece of genetic engineering finishes fast with a heavy layer of monster nuggs that’ll keep you happy for a very long time! Hero Seeds’ Old Early Skunk is a 40% Sativa/60% Indica hybrid with an incredibly balanced high. This baby hits your body, your mind and your soul! These weeds seeds have definitely earned the Rhino Stamp of Approval!

  23. Move over Spider Man! Spider Skunk is our new super-hero. This smoke is incredibly sticky and strong with that classic pungent aroma you remember so fondly and refreshing tropical fruit flavours. Spider Skunk Feminized is a potent mix of Black Domina and Super Skunk 2. If you’re not familiar with Big Poppa, he’s an original Super Skunk X Brazilian Skunk hybrid – very tasty!

    Spider Skunk Cannabis Seeds have killer highs that are both relaxing and euphoric thanks to plenty of THC. The low CBD levels keep everything crystal clear and a little more psychoactive than most other Indica-dominant strains. Ever heard of Spidey Speed? Spider Skunk Seeds have it! This strain finishes very fast with extremely high yields of smooth, gooey smoke. You’re gonna love these cannabis seeds!

  24. This F1 hybrid has got the fantastic qualities of Skunk #1. It is a huge plant, providing foliage with 11 or 13 fingers and solid buds. This strain has a sweet and sour flavor.

  25. South India Skunk supplies long, slender female plants. That’s why they can be planted closer to each other. Nice T.H.C content, it tastes quite sweet.

  26. This Sativa from Thailand possesses a surprising high. It’s a tall and slim plant having a nice herbal taste. Suitable for outdoor cultivation due to it is extremely early flowering.

  27. Beautiful strain from Swaziland, primarily Sativa. Sweet hash-like flavor and a great leaf to flower ratio with very high buds and a really nice high!

  28. This is a traditional Dutch strain. An ideal harmony between Afghani, Colombian and Mexican genetics which has influenced most forms of Cannabis after identifying the breeding potential with this strain. Skunk #1 is among the easiest strains to cultivate making her favourite for very first time growers, but her steady high quality has numerous experienced growers returning to this strain time and time again.

  29. Every one of the classic skunk features here, stocky and short plants, with high calyx-to-leaf ratio, fat pungent buds and rapid flowering times. We’ve were able to selectively breed better mold resistance into this strain without shedding any of her skunky fragrance, rendering it a fantastic choice for novices and pro’s, inside or out. A plethora of crystals and heavenly skunky taste are the reason why this plant among the most popular strains on this planet.