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supergirl seeds

Supergirl seeds

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As you might guess from its name, supergirl is an impressive cannabis strain, coming in as high as 20% on THC levels, making sure that all of its users enjoy an uplifting and relaxing experience. The high of Supergirl is exactly as you might guess it would be–super!

Almost immediately after ingested, Supergirl washes over your brain, putting into effect a stupefying effect that will likely induce both giggles and munchies. Be sure to grab your favorite snacks early, because you’ll be glued to your couch in no time flat with introspective thoughts keeping you company. Supergirl is probably not the best pick for a social evening–you’ll have more than enough fun on your own, ending in a deep slumber that will leave you peacefully snoozing through the night.


Don’t sleep on Supergirl–a strain that will simultaneously uplift and couch lock you, for an enjoyable evening in with your favorite snacks and some laughs.

As noted, Supergirl’s heavily sedating powers can be useful in treating issues like insomnia, as well as nausea and chronic pain. For those suffering from depression and stress, Supergirl can also help your symptoms to subside and your spirits to be temporarily lifted. That being said, this strain is not for those who are new to cannabis use, and it is highly recommended for nightime use exclusively.