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supplies to grow indoor weed

Supplies to grow indoor weed

Just look for a tent in the size you need and if it has a good number of good reviews, get it. It’s that simple.

And this means giving your plants the perfect conditions.

Grow Tent Recommendation

When it comes to the pot, I recommend fabric pots (aka smart pots). They are easier to use than plastic or ceramic and they lead to faster growth. You’ll want to start seedlings in a small container and can just use a regular plastic cup for this.

It’s even better if that guide is free.

Highly Recommended For Indoor Marijuana Grow

You space will need access to power and ventilation, and the walls will ideally be covered in Mylar or some other reflective material.

Supplies to grow indoor weed

But if you’re a beginner, getting a grow tent will save you loads of time and effort.

Classic example:

You have 2 options here:

It’s also important you actually have an easy way to adjust your pH when it’s off.

Winston Peki

But your specific strain is also a topic to think about.

If you choose to grow in soil, you’ll need (surprise, surprise) soil as a growing medium.

Depending on your budget you have many options to buy ventilation supplies…

Fox Farm NutrientsNutrients When Growing in Soil

But I don’t recommend growing in regular soil as it’s just much easier and more natural to grow in organic super-soil packed with nutrients.

Do realize that ventilation will be more important with an HPS light because it generates way more heat than a LED light…so don’t cut corners when buying an exhaust fan if you decide to go for an HPS light.