Support For Medical Marijuana From The Governor Of Illinois

Support For Medical Marijuana From The Governor Of Illinois

The Lieutenant Governor of Illinois, Sheila Simon, has encouraged the passing of a bill supporting weed medicine. She explained that medical marijuana can be used by veterans with serious illnesses.

She told the Associated Press in an interview that “As a former prosecutor my first reaction was, ‘I’m not interesting in changing our laws on medical marijuana”. But after learning about the suffering of the patients she changed her mind, and after reading the bill she got convinced that the regulations that are stated are strict enough.

This opinion of Sheila is supported by other supporters of the bill and they are waiting anxiously for the Senate vote.

According to the bill, medical marijuana that is legalized in states would have to be prescribed by doctors to the patients they are treating, and the patients ought to have more than 30 ailments that include cancer.

Initially the framework would include the patients who require medical marijuana, and other analysis would be conducted. The limit that would be offered to patients would be about 2.5 ounce for a patient, and this would be given through dispensaries that are regulated by the states.

The weed medicine supporters claim that marijuana is useful for chronic pain, and it does not cause any side effects that are displayed by other prescription medicines. But the protestors for legalizing marijuana strongly believe that the bill would encourage the use of recreational marijuana by teens.

But the bill is strongly opposed by the Chiefs of Police of Illinois Association, and they complain that it is difficult to find whether a driver is driving under the influence of marijuana.

They also consider the fact that the new bill is well regulated, and can prevent misuse of the drug.

Accoring to Sheila, “It does a good job of both getting medical marijuana to people who need it, and keeping it away from those who don’t.’

Gov.Pat Quinn who is a Chicago Democrat has not admitted whether or not the bill would be signed, but he agreed that he welcome the bill with an open mind.

Sheila Simon on the other hand is looking forward to her turn on the bill.

Whatever the situation maybe, medical marijuana should be made available to those who are in need by ensuring that it is not misused by the public.