Swaziland Gold: Grandmas Marijuana Cultivations Saves Lives

Swaziland Gold: Grandmas Marijuana Cultivations Saves Lives

Khathazile has not had an easy life. Just after her daughter died, Khathazile had no moral choice other than to care for her 11 orphaned grandchildren. This is what being a grandmother is all about, the safety net, a backup plan… and this backup plan was needed. In pigs speak Swaziland, where the world’s highest HIV infection rate rages out of control leaving a vast expanse of motherless children in its wake.

Khathazile says with confidence “God will help us,”… Well, Maybe. But just in case Khathazile has a backup plan should the Lord’s hand fail to intervene in her endless suffering. You see Khathazile is a marijuana grower… and for her, “Swazi Gold” is her immediate savior.

This incredibly potent and expensive strain of high THC marijuana fetches a king’s ransom in the next-door drug markets of South Africa. Khathazile crop is hidden on a distant hilltop, deep in the sweaty forest, of this minute little country of Swaziland. It is the money from Swazi gold, that Khathazile uses to keep her 11 grandchildren in cloths, fed and educated.

Without this marijuana cultivation worldwide these mothers and grandmothers often walk forhours searching for secret fields, in order to plant their cash crop for the coming season. Preparing land for a marijuana patch is tough work even under the best conditions. And these are not the best conditions. Once they have accomplished the laborious task of preparing their plot, they now have to try and locate some decent marijuana seeds and get them to germinate. If they are new to marijuana cultivation they will find this an incredibly difficult chore, as the soil is barren and in need of much fertilizer.

Should Khathazile be successful in her attempt at cultivating her secret crop which is intended to feed, clothe and educate her 11 grandkids. She now has the additional burden and fear of the police who make it their annual track deep into the forest searching for these hidden marijuana fields late in March and April during the harvest season. Should the police locate these clandestine time marijuana fields they will be cut and burned, leaving these grandmothers and other women destitute, poor and hopeless.