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sweet dreams seeds

KC Brains Sweet Dreams is an indica dominated marijuana strain, the cross between Californian Big Bud Skunk and KC606 – two of the most successful cannabis varieties. Both parents are characterised as extremely strong and potent strains with great yields, yet easy to cultivate. Sweet Dreams cannabis seeds successfully took over all these qualities. She produces cactus looking plants of dark green shade with longish fat leaves and big sturdy buds, so typical for indica marijuana varieties. Her cannabis seeds are strong and mould resistant. Sweet Dreams cannabis seeds produce plants which can grow nearly everywhere thanks to their stable indica genes, they show great results indoors, green houses and outdoors. Indoor varieties grow as tall as 120 cm, while the plants growing outside will stretch up to 2 – 2.5 m high. Wherever you decide to place your Sweet Dream, she won’t betray her image as a great yielder; you can get as much as 900 gr. per outdoor plant! and 150 gr. per indoor one! Outdoor harvest starts in September and go through October. The indoor plants of this marijuana variety have a 8-10 weeks flowering period at the end of which Sweet Dreams starts producing smooth slightly citrus aroma. The smell becomes more intense during her short maturing period. The buds are BIG; they make a beautiful shiny compound along sturdy branches. High content of THC gives the buds’ crystals a nice yellow shade. As a typical indica, Sweet Dreams contains higher amount of CBDs than THCs which means heavier, sleepy effect, ideal for total body and mind relax and pain relief.

Drift or group planting produces an especially spectacular display and allows the plants to support one another too. Taller varieties do benefit from a little support, try growing Cosmos between perennials, alternatively growing cages or canes are ideal.

Sow Cosmos seed in trays or growing cells during early spring and cover with about 5mm of compost. The seeds are long and thin, so they can be easily handled.

How to Grow Cosmos from Seed

Keep the compost moist without over-wetting and position seed tray in a warm and well lit position, such as a greenhouse or warm windowsill. Germination normally takes 14 – 21 days at 15 – 20C

Cosmos, sometimes known as the Mexican aster, is perennial in its native home but it’s not hardy enough for our cooler climate and so in Britain it is grown as an annual. Cosmos is easy to grow from seed, performs well in containers or bedding schemes and comes in a dazzling array of colours, heights and flower types making it a firm favourite of both amateur and professional gardeners.

Dwarfer plants with that innocent look. Slightly smaller flower but quality in itself. 36″.