Sweet Seeds Review

Sweet Seeds Review

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Sweet Seeds is a modern seed bank specializing in the recruitment and retention of new lines feminised cannabis high quality, including varieties autoflowering. From a selected Genetic Library cannabis result of years of search and selection worked on the design of new upbringings.

All varieties of Sweet Seeds are especially sweet, aromatic and palatable. Our genetics are fully adapted for both the requirements of the crop outside and inside with artificial lights. Easy to grow varieties, productive and very aromatic.

Sweet Seeds Seeds are selected one by one manually, after a thorough inspection only the best seeds are packed. The conservation of seeds is carried out under conditions of low humidity and low temperature, thus ensuring the best preservation of their viability, as our seeds are packed in the test have passed the germination viability of 95%. Sweet Seeds used in modern and reliable methods for the feminization of our seeds. Seeds Sweet Seeds have a femininity that is around 99.7%.

Our seeds are packaged in three different formats: 3 seeds, 5 seeds and 10 seeds. These formats provide our customers with the acquisition of feminised strains at a low cost, it can enable new ways to purchase access to a larger number of varieties. The packages contain the seeds in a rigid tube, transparent and fully sealed, allowing customers to see the look of them.

To facilitate the diversification of varieties have released packages for collectors, these packages contain 2 seeds from 3 of our varieties properly labeled.We put our utmost care to offer our customers a high quality product and an affordable price. Our satisfaction is the satisfaction of our customers.

5 thoughts on “Sweet Seeds Review”

  1. An automatic flowering female crossbreed, we used 2 female pollen to improve taste and delivers a kick with different terpenoids, a ruderalis indica received a mixed of ch9 vintage 2006 female pollen and some Ersb female pollen. Growers expect a nice smoke with a fast uplifting start & high. Great to be hide somewhere, to grow behind your kitchen window or on a balcony. Outdoor or in, rain or shine. Is untested. Image shown a Sensi seed ruderalis indica during female seed production. Height expected from 20” to 35”,from 40 cm to 80 cm, outdoor or in, depending on phenotypes and conditions.

  2. A 40/60 Sativa/Indica cross. Massive Christmas tree shape with a perfume smell and sweet, fruity flavor.

  3. Next Generation Seeds Avalon is a selectively bred Indica strain they have been working on since 1998. Genetics are a cross of Afghani and Blueberry.

  4. Spanish seed company, winner of multiple Highlife cups.

  5. Nirvana Jock Horror is actually a three-way marijuana crossbreed of Northern Light, Skunk as well as Haze. Jock brings about so much resin that even it is branches glisten by having THC glands. This marijuana variety receives a special fresh essence as well as loads a heavy-duty up buzz. The Jock seeds will definitely finish flowering earlier than the initial Jack of a few years back. One of our all-time preferred marijuana seeds.