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tall growing weeds uk

Tall growing weeds uk

Annual weeds are those that last either a year or one growing season. They, however, produce a lot of weed seeds and keep popping up every year when the time is right.

Annual Weeds

Appearance – Dandelions are fast spreading perennial weeds that form a large, flat rosette. This weed can germinate through any season. Due to their long stout tap roots, dandelions can be a pain to pull out. This weed’s leaves are long and fleshy and are usually between 5 and 25 cm long. Its single yellow flower grows throughout March till November.

Lawn Weeds

Non-weedkiller control – Bittercress should be forked out or pulled out by hand before it has had time to spread its seeds. If you need to suppress this weed’s seeds, use either mulch, 15 cm deep or other organic matter like compost or tree bark.

Tall growing weeds uk

Insight: Stems can grow up to 2m in length and root when the tip touches the ground.

Creeping buttercup

Latin name: Taraxacum officinale


Latin name: Urtica dioica