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tangerine g13 seeds

Tangerine g13 seeds

Tangerine G13 is a mostly indica variety from Amsterdam Genetics and can be cultivated indoors (where the plants will need a flowering time of ±70 days ) and outdoors . Amsterdam Genetics’ Tangerine G13 is a THC dominant variety and is/was only available as feminized seeds.

Basic / Breeders Info

Tangerine G13 – Multi Award Winning Strain
Tangerine G13 cannabis seeds by Amsterdam Genetics are a unique strain developed by us here in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam Genetics’ Tangerine G13 Description

Due to its sativa qualities, the Tangerine G13 has enormous vigour when growing which makes it particularly suitable for SCROG (Screen Of Green) method. Using the SOG (Sea Of Green) method will enable a shorter growing period due to the plants natural vigour.

The nutty professor – 14/01/2019

Babi – 27/09/2020

Yo my fam sister and brother growers this is one plant to remember (if you don’t SMOKE to much)
Starting with the seeds !!
Use a damp coffee filter to sprout your seeds put the filter in a zipback leave to hang on a dark not to cold place.
In 3 days you will see some white roots spouting from the seeds. Day 4 stick my roots in a cup day!! Make sense right? in 5 till 6 days mould can occur near your roots don’t panic but your a little late with transplanting them in a cup rinse them off and put them in a cup with soil. I like transparency so I use clear cups to see the roots developing. Keep in mind plants are like use we don’t like to cold or to hot. Day 4 stick my roots in a cup day after you put them in soil. it’s time to grow roots start with buying a small 220v greenhouse keeps there feet nice and warm. Start with 2 days in the dark that’s just perfect. if you see any leaves develop it’s time for the light I prefer led for vege fase and hps and led for flowering fase.
1 week 24 hour light in vege and we can see some nice leaves forming. In this week I only give some water to the soil no nutrients!! Week 2 18 hours light! nutrients week I’m transplanting my plants in a hydro system I’m using 75 litre nutrients container that runs 5 plants feed 3 times a day 7 days a week. If you want the best tg13 vege for 5 weeks top her in the middle not the full top. just half in the middle. Leave her to rest for a week giving her a good flush!! Week 7 18 hour light big momma wants some fooood this week where gona give her all we got (what brand of nutrients your thinking) just stick to what you use or can get. Most important thing is stick to your schedule.
Week 1 12 hour light flowering fase
White hairs forming? Good just stick to your schedule.
Week 2 12 hours of light
Just stick to your schedule.
Okay where 8 weeks in of flowering the most important weeks of all . In these last 2 weeks everything you do will set back your plant by the day so you got to many fan leaves F… IT
start flushing out the nutrients for 1 week 3 days after that leave to dry. week 10 HELL YEAH SCISSOR DAY
Time to harvest your love and hard work!!
Leave to dry in a dark temperature controlled area between 18 and 19 degree and you will have top shelf bud.
Have fun

Growing Tangerine G13 Cannabis Seeds

Tangerine G13 bolsters an exciting combination of indica and sativa effects. She sure packs a punch, but it is a sophisticated kind of impact, with great interplay between mental sativa touches and indica influences on the limbs. A minimum 20% THC level guarantees tangible impact, yet interestingly, her approximately 2% CBG stacks an extra layer of soothing effects on top of that.

From time to time, even growers need something new to keep things exciting. Anyone looking for just such a breath of fresh air should order our award-winning Tangerine G13 cannabis seeds. Fragrant like an orange orchard after spring rain, and physically uplifting as only a well-honed hybrid can be. Dig into this taste-defining innovation and be the first to judge the grow power, aroma, and effects of this fresh and fruity award winner!


The uplifting style of this sweet and spicy lass also makes Tangerine G13 a candidate for a pick-me-up on a rainy day. The sun-soaked taste of citrus fruit will only add to that positive atmosphere.

Thanks for this great review buddy! We’re glad you enjoy our Tangerine G13 in both grow and taste. We are sure that this review will help others pick out the right strain for their personal needs and desires.

Tangerine g13 seeds

The Tangerine G13 strain is a strain that has already surprised many consumers because of its potency, vigour and effect.

Expected Yield : (Indoor) 400 – 500 Gr. M2 (Outdoor) 400 – 600 Gram P.P.

The flavour of the light green and compact buds that these plants produce can be described as fruity with a hint of citrus, this in combination with an ultimate uplifting sativa effect can only be described as pure pleasure. The uplifting sativa effect is proceeded by a lovely relaxing body-buzz when the strain is taken in a higher dosage.

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Due to its sativa qualities, the Tangerine G13 has enormous vigour when growing which makes it particularly suitable for SCROG (Screen Of Green) method. Using the SOG (Sea Of Green) method will enable a shorter growing period due to the plants natural vigour.