The Attitude Seedbank Review

The Attitude Seedbank Review

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When you are looking for the most in depth information on all seeds, home growth gardens, and the best seeds for you to grow in a home garden, is your source for information. Not only are you going to find the best seeds to grow in a home garden, a registry of over 200 seeds, the best methods for growing the seeds, and the proper maintenance and care for a home based garden, you are also going to learn information about all seeds you are planning on growing in your home based garden.


There are several pros to consider when using for information, including:

  • the variety of seeds you will find on the site;
  • the site information about each seed, and where to find information on particular seeds;
  • the best methods of growing, and what type of lighting and air flow will be required to get the best growth.

Other pros include the amount of information that is available about each seed, the additional resources to find more seeds and which ones offer the best buds when growing in a home based garden, and the variety of growth patterns to expect, as well as the best location to place your garden, in order to get the optimal growth, and to get the largest buds you are hoping to grow, when growing a home based garden.


There are also a few cons to consider when using for information and reference:

  • the lack of information about certain seeds on the site;
  • it is a bit scattered with information, and some seeds have no site link, or any information about them at all.
  • the best methods to grow, including lighting, artificial lighting, and how to get the optimal growth conditions, are not included at all in some of the seeds that are listed on the site.

The site offers not only information on each of the seeds, but it also offers the site information on where to get further information about the seeds, and it also offers the pros, cons, and detailed information about the best growth regions, and the factors that are needed to start growing particular seeds in a home based garden.

The site not only details the type of seeds, and which seeds you are going to want to consider growing in your home garden, it also gives detailed information about growth patterns. So, you are going to learn about which lighting is required, the nutrients and growth hormones to use, the air flow required, and the type of LED and natural lighting you are going to be required to use in the garden, in order to get the optimal growth, and in order to ensure that you get the biggest buds when growing particular seeds in your garden. There are several pros and cons to consider when you turn to, for information about the seeds you are considering growing, and the seeds you are going to want to consider in your home based gardens, and which seeds are likely to not produce the results you are looking to get in your garden.

So, although the site is pretty in depth, and offers a fair amount of information on many seeds, it does lack quite a bit of information about many of the seeds that are listed on the site, and is fairly basic in the description of certain seeds, and what it takes to properly grow them in a home based garden. So, if you are looking for an all inclusive site, and looking for basic information, about a wide variety of seeds, and those that are best to grow in your home based garden, then is a great resource for you to use. It does offer a fair amount of information on many seeds, and on growth patterns, and what the grower has to do in order to get optimal growth, but it is lacking a bit in many of the seeds listed, and does offer limited information on many of the seeds that are listed.

The site is also well organized, as the information is listed in alphabetical order, which makes it quite easy to find the seeds, and to find the sites that you need to turn to, when you want to get further information on those seeds. So, when you are looking for a general site about canabis, on the best growth patterns, and on all the best growth patterns, and what is required to grow certain seeds, you will find that is a very basic site, but does offer a fair amount of information, on several different seeds that are best for home growth. You will also find that it is fairly simple to find the information you are looking to find, as the site is listed in alphabetical order, and does offer a simple to follow grid, when looking for information about the seeds.

You will notice, however, that the site is a bit limited in information on certain seeds, and for some seeds does not offer the home grower any information, or any external links or sites, as to where they can find the additional information needed, when they are trying to grow their home based garden. So, although it is an inclusive site, and does offer a variety of seeds that can be grown at home, it is a bit limited in the overall content, and on information on various seeds that are listed on the site.

So, if you are just starting out with a home based garden, and are trying to find which seeds are best to start your garden, and which ones will offer the optimal buds when you are just starting out, is a great reference site. It also will help get you started, and give you a basic outline as to what you need to know, about a variety of seeds that are available for growth, when starting out a home based garden.

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  2. Shaman is Dutch Passion’s former variety Purple / Skunk. This variety serves as a hybrid F-1 of Purple#1 and Early Skunk. Roughly 50% of plants transform purple during flowering. The variety is 88% Sativa and 12% Indica.

  3. Swiss xT is engineered for indoor growing. The parents from this plant are Mr. Swiss crossed along with a double KC private project. The herb of the plant is quite stoned. This type is positively distinct from every one of the others.