The Plug Seedbank Review

The Plug Seedbank Review

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The Plug Seedbank is more then just a seed company, we are a group of cannabis lovers and enthusiasts with years of experience and knowledge in the industry.

The Plug BCN decided to launch our own seed line using some of the worlds most stable genetics from the best of the best and teaming up with some amazing breeders to create some new award winning genetics.

All our seeds are tested before being released to the public to guarantee stableness and yields.

3 thoughts on “The Plug Seedbank Review”

  1. G13 Haze x White Widow from Soma Seeds is a Indica/Sativa hybrid.

  2. Welcome then to an all new skunk super strain!! This is Ice as you have never seen before! – Ice Breaker is spectacularly good. The Yield from Ice breaker is astonishing, mark my words – there is no other strain that produces yields like this. Finished in 8.5 weeks, super high THC, this is one of a new generation of skunk super strains!

  3. Karma Genetics Seeds Dominator seeds are the result of pretty impressive genetics. The Kushage #16 that won the 3rd place sativa 420 cup 2008 has been mixed with the Jack Herrer #22 male. The jack provides it with a far more spice flavor and also gives for a few more yield for certain. The Kushage #16 is incredibly sativa dominant and this also shows within the high and taste the Kushage x jack offers.