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the sister seeds

The Sister is an indica-dominant cannabis strain that is noted for its ability to elicit energy and joy in users before slowly easing them into a deep state of relaxation. With an average THC concentration of around 16 percent, The Sister is popular with both experienced cannabis users and those who are relatively new to the world of marijuana.

The Sister’s very pleasant high begins with a jolt of happiness and creativity, leaving users feeling prepared for anything. But, that sensation will quickly fade as hunger steadily increases, preparing users for a special evening with munchies on the couch.

Perhaps unlike most childhood experiences, The Sister is known for bringing joy and relaxation to cannabis users both recreational and medicinal.

People who are suffering from depression may particularly enjoy their time with The Sister, and it has also been known to ease body pain, nausea, and, certainly, lack of appetite. The Sister is not one to be missed, no matter if the plan is to utilize it recreationally or medicinally. Just make sure you have lots of snacks on hand and a comfortable sofa nearby.


The sister seeds

Our Four Sisters Garden Seed Collection pays homage to these four crops and the importance of their inter-relatedness then and now. We encourage you to try this method of gardening and see for yourself the amazing results.

Included in this collection is the following four seed packets:

Native American agriculture is well-known for the “Three Sisters” approach of corn, beans and squash supporting, protecting and nourishing each other. Several other crops were very important in Native American gardening, with sunflowers being very prominent on that list. There is very strong evidence sunflowers were the very first crop to be cultivated, making them the Eldest Sister!

Four Sisters Garden Seed Collection

Buffalo Bird Woman of the Hidatsa tribe talked of planting sunflowers first– leading to a “Four Sisters” garden. She followed century’s old agricultural practices in the fertile bottom-lands of the Missouri River, where the women of the family grew corn, beans, squash and sunflowers.

From the soil to the seed to the food you eat – we’ll help you grow your best garden!