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the truth seeds

2. Long ago a perfect man planted truth in hearts of men.
As my heart received these living seeds I came to understand
That as harvest time draws near, I must spread these words of cheer to all I see.
Your precious seeds of truth live on in me.
Now I will share the seeds of truth you shared with me.

1. There was something in the way that you spoke to me that day
As you told me of the Savior’s love and how he showed the way.
There was something deep inside that so softly testified that it was true.
These precious seeds of truth I owe to you.

My friend, I wonder if you will ever know
that flowers bloomed from seeds of truth you planted long ago.
I’ll always say a prayer of thanks in hushed humility
for the tiny seeds of truth you shared with me.

To catch a thief, you must become a thief, but be wary—following Caithe’s trail will take you down a strange, dark path.

— Story journal summary

To find where Caithe may be now, the Pale Tree suggests returning to where she’s been. Retracing your friend’s steps across the years will take you down a strange and dark path.

I don’t think in my life I’ve ever written a story which does not have some little root, some little seed of truth or observation.

He was planting a very important seed of truth inside kids’ heads.

Somewhere deep in all this lies a tiny seed of truth , but it is too often buried in a bed of bunk.Japanese social and business interactions are famously not contact sports, but the obvious exception is the rush-hour trains.