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the wife seeds

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With a terpene profile that stands out amongst the rest, the Wife is primarily a sativa dominant plant with Indica dominant leaf structure. It grows a thick stock with small lateral branches, producing a mid to heavy yielding flower.

Average CBD-A: 10% – 14%
THC: < 0.3% *
Ratio CBD/THC: 38:1
Maturity Week: 7 to 8 weeks
Average Dry Yield: 2 lbs

* Cannabinoid profiles can vary based on a number of factors such as (but not limited to) environment, farming techniques, and harvest date.

The wife seeds

Appearance: Tight buds that are uniform in shape with lime green accents and orange hairs. Her trichomes glisten bright like a diamond.

Aroma: Spicy lemons dipped in molasses with a cheesey funk. of sweat and your neighborhood nursery.

Flavors: Lemon spice tone of earth and soil with a smooth pine exhale.

Size & Style: A 60/40 blend of sativa and indica dominant traits. This plant has large fan leaves and strong branches for yield and vigor. Strong resilience to mold and pathogens..

The Trophy Wife hemp strain is a cross between Wife S1 x Cherry Wine. This strain contains .3% THC with heavy notes of cheese, hints of skunk, and cherry undertones from the Cherry Wine strain. With a 20:1 CBD/THC ratio, intense terpenes, and high CBD content, The Wife hybrid hemp strain is a top seller because of its balanced earthy, sweet, and citrus flavor profile.
THC is under .30%

This strain is not currently available for purchase at Blue Forest Farms through our website. Please check out our available hemp seed strains or fill out the contact form below if you would like for someone to get in touch with regarding this strain.