Things To Remember When You Are Harvesting Marijuana

Things To Remember When You Are Harvesting Marijuana

Marijuana growing, marijuana processing and marijuana dispensaries: these are all very profitable entrepreneurial endeavours, if medical or recreational marijuana is legal in your state. The legalization of medical marijuana in more than 18 states has opened up many economic opportunities for the unemployed youth there.

Growing a marijuana farm

Marijuana growing is relatively easy process if you have the right resources and have some gardening experience. Even if you are a novice when it comes to marijuana farming, you can easily master the necessary basics by going through the many articles online that would give an idea about the different variety of marijuana seeds, harvesting cannabis, drying, curing, etc.

How to harvest marijuana?

Harvesting is an important phase in your marijuana cultivation. The harvest time could vary from one marijuana variety to the next. The harvest time for outdoor marijuana plants usually depends on the climatic seasons, while the harvest time for the indoor marijuana plants can be controlled using the artificial lighting, water, etc.

Harvesting cannabis refers to removal of the marijuana buds from the plants. The timing is very important when it comes to harvesting marijuana. The Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content in the marijuana buds varies accordingly.

If you let the marijuana flowers stand for too long and ripen, the THC level in the marijuana buds will be low. You will also end up with marijuana buds that contain seeds reducing the actual marijuana content in the buds significantly. However, you can opt for planting one of those seedless marijuana varieties to avoid this.

An early marijuana harvest would give buds with high concentration of THC. But, such marijuana buds tend to weigh less. A marijuana grower might prefer to go for a late harvest in order to obtain more kilograms of marijuana buds from his farm.

All the same, you need to strike the ideal balance between the two and start harvesting when at least half the white pistils of the marijuana flowers have turned orange or brown in colour. Marijuana buds –used for recreational or medical marijuana – are not the only product from your marijuana farm that you can sell.

Marijuana fibre and seed oil have many industrial applications and are used to make ropes, paper pulp, biodegradable plastics, bio-fuels, lubricants, soaps, etc. If you explore all these possibilities, you can generate more revenue from your marijuana farm.